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Solitaire- My Hobby and Favorite Pass Time

I have been a solitaire lover ever since I got my hands on this game first. It was an addictive yet intellectual experience for me. I can’t believe that it has been so many years that I have spent playing this game with total disregard for the high-end games being played these days. Solitaire continues to enthrall me to this day, even though it does not boast about advanced graphics or even AR.

I have been playing solitaire for over 10 years now. I have always played it on my computer. No matter which desktop I bought over the years, solitaire was the first thing I checked out all these years. However, as my work with smartphones started growing, I could not play my favorite time too much. I am using my smartphone for blogging and connecting with my friends, even managing my household bills. I wanted to play solitaire.

The online solitaire mess

I first thought about playing solitaire online. I think I tried close to 8 websites while trying to find the perfect solitaire game. With one platform, I struggled with the UI. On the other, I had problems in adjusting the solitaire game according to my smartphone screen size. I think playing solitaire online was one of the biggest blunders of my life. It was a very bad experience. I was quite frustrated at the end of the day, thinking that there will be no good way for me to play solitaire on my device ever again.

It was then that I thought about looking for solitaire apps in the games section of Google Play Store. Let me remind you, I was not very enthusiastic about solitaire apps. I was somehow convinced that I will have a bad experience and thought that the only good way to play solitaire was to switch your desktop on. I was so wrong. I only discovered the android mobile card game later.

I found it!

I found Mobilityware’s beautiful android game. It was one of a kind, beautifully designed game that instantly caught my attention. I instantly downloaded the game and felt a ray of hope for the first time in a long time. I told you before, I am a solitaire lover and there is nothing better than finding a game that you so dearly love on the apps market. I couldn’t wait for the download to finish.

As soon as the game was installed, I quickly opened it and was smitten by the beauty of this game. It truly felt like I had entered the 21stcentury. No kidding, I was really ecstatic. The game was simple and beautifully arranged and the good thing was that the screen size was a perfect fit for the game. I had a gala time playing solitaire on my phone. After that, I became my favorite hobby to play games. I did that when the laundry was getting done and sometimes even during commercial breaks of my favorite TV shows.

I later switched to iPhone and found that the iTunes mobile card game there too. I don’t think I am ever letting this game go anywhere.

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