Snacks to Give You a Healthy Energy Boost

For all the joy that children bring to one’s life, the sane parent who’s tasked with the responsibility of catering to the every need of a growing child cannot help but sometimes question their own sanity and wonder just how they manage to do it day in and day out. We naturally love our babies to bits, but as soon as they grow up a bit (and they grow so fast) and develop in ways that allow them to explore more about this strange new world around them, things kick into overdrive. They’re like monsters whose endless supply of energy gets so easily replenished when they stop for a few minutes to take a nap, and then it’s all systems go again. Keeping up can be really challenging, especially since keeping a constant eye on them is an absolute necessity, otherwise just stopping to take a breather can have you dealing with some rather unique consequences. Citrix GoToMeeting has compiled a very informative and easy-reference infographic featuring some delicious, easily-prepared and convenient snacks to give you a healthy energy boost whenever your little monsters draw just a bit too much on your already stretched energy reserves. Many more useful life hacks are available as well.

15 Snacks to Boost Energy and Productivity_au

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