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Should you consider ADS alarm systems?

When considering how best to protect a property, the available home security systems should come under careful scrutiny, as not all alarm setups are the same.

The main reasons that individuals install alarms are to deter and detect burglars, to detect fire and smoke, and to ensure that law enforcement agencies are able to respond quickly in the event of an emergency.

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Among the important benefits of installing an alarm system is peace of mind, and also being able to obtain a discount on insurance costs. In fact, some insurers will offer a reduction of up to 20% on premiums if what they define as a sophisticated alarm system is installed. It will probably need to be complete with alarm activated water sprinklers, and an alert system that rings at local fire, police or other agency headquarters. As an example of what to look for when considering alarm systems, check out this review of the security company, ADS.

Is the company trustworthy?

When choosing an appropriate alarm system, it’s important to investigate the background of the company, the products it provides, and the service it delivers. Most reputable companies that offer security features are most likely to be covered under security insurance. You can research on that aspect too. ADS is a local company that has been providing award-winning security services for over 20 years, and it prides itself on being completely trustworthy. Security Distributing & Marketing (SDM) is a leading security industry publication and has ranked ADS in the Top 100 slots for more than 20 consecutive years; currently, ADS is within the prestigious top 25.

So far, so good: having checked the company’s credentials, prospective customers should next look at the products on offer. If a customer happens to prefer a gate entry system for their residence, see if the company’s website lists out those particular services. In addition to the standard home security system, with movement sensors, lights, and pressure pads, ADS offers a number of add-ons, including touchscreen keypads, wireless alarm monitoring, text alerts and remote control of the alarm network from a customer’s cell phone. Evidently, ADS is able to provide systems that are technologically advanced and offer optimum customer control.

As well as security alerts, ADS supplies alarms that detect carbon monoxide and smoke; medical alert portable panic buttons for elderly or frail people; water level and home temperature detection; identity theft protection; and, added protection for family pets including monitoring cameras. In this respect ADS seems to have invested in more than simply crime prevention – it takes steps to safeguard people’s wellbeing as well as their property.

Is the service good?

Testimonials and reviews are a good way of checking up on how good the service is from a security company. After all, there’s little point in having a state-of-the-art system if the monitoring and response service is slow or unreliable. Notably, ADS has a service agreement with customers to help them avoid unexpected, costly security system repairs. Information gleaned from social media networks is useful when checking up on service issues too, and in reviewing ADS pages on Facebook and Twitter, it’s clear the company takes the trouble to issue timely warnings to members of the public, including news about local crime rates, current scams and police recommendations to improve security, all of which is relevant and helpful to customers.

In conclusion, ADS has a good track record for products and services, and exhibits proactive customer care. The fact that the company also offers a free, no-obligation home security review is a positive indication that it is worthy of consideration when planning a home security system.

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