Should I treat my teak outdoor furniture?

When you buy teak furniture, you are not only getting a durable product but also one that can add a lot of aesthetic value to your garden. Teak outdoor furniture is often used in high-end home developments because of its visual appeals which can come in a variety of different ways. If you leave teak untreated, it will go to a lovely weathered silvery colour.

This may be desirable, but you may also want to maintain the original look and finish of the outdoor furniture. Keep reading to find out more about teak furniture and whether you should treat it or not.

  1. Do you want the teak outdoor furniture to weather over time?

Weathering is a process that some want to happen to their furniture, it provides a natural look over time. If you are okay with the silvery grey that teak tends to go, we recommend not threatening your outdoor furniture. Equally, if you want to maintain the original look, treat the teak furniture, polish the surface, or install new moldings, which may further enhance its use. If you need help doing this, you can work with a Roanoke trim work company that can provide assistance with the furniture overhaul.

  1. Are you willing to clean and wash the furniture?

One of the benefits of treating your teak outdoor furniture is the reduced amount of time you have to spend on maintaining the furniture. Not only will treatment change and protect the colour, but it can also discourage pests and protect dirt and grime from building up on the teak in the future. If you want a fully natural look and are willing to clean the furniture, avoid treatment, if not, find one that will work well for the work you are going for.

  1. Can you cover the furniture when you are not using it?

The final question you should ask on whether or not to treat your furniture is, ‘can you cover it when it is not being used?’. If you can, this removes the need for an overly protective treatment and will slow down the weathering process. It will also maintain the natural look and feel of the teak outdoor furniture. If you cannot or you want to change the finish of the teak, make sure you use the correct treatment.

Buy the correct treatment for this type of outdoor furniture

As shown, there are a few different reasons to leave teak furniture untreated, however, treating it will also add to the protection of the wood whilst also maintaining the original colouring. If you do treat your teak outdoor furniture make sure you use the correct varnish. If unsure, you can also leave this task to a reputed provider of Professional Property Restoration Services.

The teak protector will help maintain a light finish on the teak, whilst teak vintage protector will create a lovely dark finish to the teak outdoor furniture. You can also find treatments that mimic the weathering process with instant grey colours. These are just some of the different options when it comes to treating teak furniture. Make sure you pick the right one for you as it can be difficult to reverse the effect once the treatment has been applied.

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