What Resources Do You Need to Be Your Child’s English Tutor?

One of the great things about English is that it’s an area most parents can cover quite easily. Though you’ll have to brush up on your grammar and punctuation, much of your work will revolve around the discussion of poetry, plays, and novels, and such work is generally more accessible than explaining simultaneous equations or learning German. 

Of course, it’s always advantageous to have the best resources at your disposal if you’re going to be helping your child through their English work. Here are just a few materials to have in your corner.

Past Papers

If there’s one thing you should absolutely have, it’s a few past papers. These are often gone through in class, so it can be a good idea to contact your child’s teacher to make sure you don’t end up using the same ones. With past papers, you can show your child what to expect from the exam, hold a mock exam, and, most importantly, go through each section with them so that answers can be discussed.

Revision Guides

There might be no right answers when it comes to Shakespeare and Steinbeck, but that doesn’t mean you should go without some revision guides to point you in the right direction. Revision guides will contain overviews of key themes, examinations of key passages, and summaries of key characters. They should also contain plenty of questions covering each section of a novel, play, or book of poetry. You can go through this information with your child or read it yourself so you can push them in the right direction.

Interactive Games

One part of English that children and parents tend to dislike equally is punctuation and grammar. It can be tiresome to learn all those rules, but it’s all part of mastering the subject and ultimately passing exams with flying colours. The best way to make the study of grammar and punctuation more fun is to use interactive games. Luckily, these areas of study are perfectly suited to such materials, and they’ll also introduce some fun into the proceedings.

Creative Writing Packs

Parents often forget that SAT and GCSE English exams contain creative writing segments. Some children naturally excel when it comes to creative writing, but others find the process harder. Creative writing packs will contain prompts to get your child comfortable creating stories and characters.

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