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Refreshing Babyshower Gift Ideas

Your friend, colleague, cousin, sister, etc has their babyshower approaching fast and is right around the corner, and you have a few ideas for what to give her! First, you could always go with the classic phone case and pair it with a bouquet of flowers or a cute little mason jar! If you’re looking for something else here are some refreshing ideas! If you’re a new casinos 2021 list searching type of person, the following are ideas that will set you on your way to a range of other refreshing ideas of your own.

Bath Bombs:

Bath bombs are not only fun to use in the tub, but they also smell so fresh and sweet! You can also use those and put them in the diaper bag for the mom-to-be to have on hand for after baby is born, or even to give to the grandma to gift to mom. You can also consider curated gift boxes for women from the likes of UnboxMe that include luxury bath bombs among other self-care gifts for the mom-to-be! For little ones, making bath bombs at home is pretty easy! Just fill a mason jar with all natural ingredients like castor oil, tea tree oil, and essential oils like lavender and lemongrass. The awesome thing about these babies is that they can actually be used right away or later. Try one at home for your own personal holiday gift, and then give to mom in a cute gift bag so she knows you care!

Dryer Balls:

Dryer balls are my favourite! These balls contain lipids and waxes. You can add your own scents like citrus or coconut, or just spray them with fragrance. They are amazing for putting in the dryer, but also awesome for the bathroom and for your baby’s room. All you have to do is roll it up and put it in the wash!

Perfumes and Bath Salts:

These are especially great for the mom-to-be who is recovering from pregnancy. You can find a combination of eucalyptus and rosemary; they help relieve inflammation and ease itching! The good thing about this is that the mom can use it anytime, not just after the baby is born. Combine these with a beautiful bouquet from a florist that provides same day flowers to create the perfect gift for the future mom!

Nursing Bra:

When mom goes back to work, she’ll want to look professional! Having nursing bras for mom are a must, and the nice thing about these ones is that they’re underwires will help your body stay in its normal shape. I recommend that everyone’s body is a little different, but some girls may be able to find a good fit with the DDD cups and others might need more padding or may need to go up.

Nursing Masks:

These are great for mom because they are super gentle and great for those sensitive skin babies! They also have some unique ones that are made from recycled materials. I have a guest, Ashley Wiseman, the owner of the Woman’s Nest, and she makes some of the best!

Prenatal Massages:

Here’s something that not only mother’s need, but also baby! You can look into hiring a licensed massage therapist, or even just go into your local spa and have a massage! These people are specially trained to give the right kind of massage so it doesn’t cause too much pain for mom.

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