Reduce Stress With Knitting

Far More Than Just A Hobby

Knitting is a really fun hobby – but it can also help you to banish stress from your life.

Knitting. It’s one of the most popular hobbies on the planet, enjoying somewhat of a resurgence with trendy crafters right now. Far from being something old-fashioned that your nan would have spent hours on, knitting is now something that people of all ages and genders take joy in. It’s not just about channelling your inner hipster and knitting yourself a trendy jumper though.

As well as all the different variations and sizes of strikkepinner (knitting needles), the art of knitting is all about giving you a useful skill and some serious crafting kudos. It is also well known that knitting can help you de-stress. So if life is getting you down, reach for your needles and yarn!

Continuing to feel productive

We live in a world that demands more and more from us. Whether it’s a busy job or a hectic family life, it can feel as if we are stretched too thin. Taking up knitting is a great way of working some ‘you time’ into your day to day life. You can sit back and just focus on a project for an hour every day – and because you’re doing something productive with your free time you won’t experience the guilt that can sometimes come with taking some time out.

Knitting inspiration

It can be a struggle to talk about how you feel sometimes, but it’s really important that we open up to each other. Seeing the Deramores customers talk about mental health is really inspiring, and will show you how crafting has the power to create communities and make the world that little bit more bearable to live in. Knitting may not seem like enough to help you let go of your stress, but as you can see, small steps are often the most effective.

A welcome distraction

Distraction techniques are great for tackling mental health struggles like stress. As one New York Times contributor and knitting devotee said, ‘when my hands are busy, my mind stays focused on the here and now.’ Knitting is a great pastime for those who need a little distraction from the stresses of everyday life. While you are concentrating on the complexities of knitting something, there’s simply no room in your head for worries. Alternatively, certain strains of cannabis (from online dispensaries such as west coast cannabis) may aid you in your journey toward stress relief. If you prefer taking cannabis, you might consider using it as a way to reduce both stress and anxiety while also enhancing your mood. There are different ways for consumers to smoke cannabis. You could either choose a simple joint roll or consider a fancy option like a glow in the dark bong.

Share your new passion

Knitting groups are becoming really popular, and their stress busting benefits cannot be underestimated. Loneliness can make mental health problems a lot worse and having someone to share your worries with can make a world of difference. The difference is, a knitting group won’t feel like a therapy session. After all, you’re all having fun! So why not take a look and see what knitting groups are being run in your area? Or if you’re feeling proactive, set up one of your own. A group in your workplace would be a great place to start.

You’ll feel better in all aspects of your life

Knitting, just like any other discipline, is a skill. The more you do it, the more you’ll improve. That will build your confidence, self-esteem, motivation and mood – and few things are better for banishing stress than those.

So why not pick up some knitting patterns for beginners and see where it takes you? You’ll be surprised at just how much of a difference it makes.

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