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Reasons Children Are the Best Thing That Will Ever Happen to You

Culture is always changing. Ideals by which to live are in constant motion, and while some things take seemingly forever to change, others change within an instant. There is evolutionary change. This change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years, centuries and even longer than that for big changes to occur. There is also microevolutionary change in which an organism or thing adapts to the times and environment in which it’s living in a much shorter time frame.


With this being said, one thing that has remained relatively constant over time is the foundational needs of humans and/or living organisms. These foundational needs can be broken down into food, shelter, clothing, and the ability to reproduce. The latter of these might not affect immediate survival, but it most definitely affects survival of a species.

The very desire to carry on the family line is a motive that drives people to do most anything in order to have an heir. Speaking of heirs, here are reasons children are the best things that will ever happen to you.

They’re the Embodiment of Love

Let’s be honest. There are a lot of downfalls to having kids…but realistically, those downfalls are only inconveniences if you have them in the wrong time and circumstances. But here’s the thing. The circumstances and time will never be perfect. You can’t predict your life.

Look at it in this light: Children are the embodiment of love. When you think about the fact that the little miracle running around is due to the fact that you love someone, it makes having children the best thing ever. And even when the circumstances are less than ideal, no matter the child, you have an opportunity to receive love from them, and unconditionally pour love back. Now that’s powerful.

They’re Little You’s Walking Around

Not only are children the very image of love, they’re also miniature you’s walking around. They are of course their own person, but there is nothing better than watching a child’s personality develop and recognizing what they possess that came directly from you. This is applicable in physical features such as hair color and nose shape, this is also applicable in aptitudes such as mathematical skills or running ability.

The Make You Laugh

Despite all the heartache and stresses of life, children always have a way of making everything better. One moment they might drive you up the wall, but they next they’ve gone off and done something or said something that makes you laugh. In the end, children are the best thing you will ever happen to you. They become your everything and your only reason to live.

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