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Raising a Child to be Appreciative

It’s quite alarming to see posts on social media about kids who seem to be very unappreciative of their surroundings. This photo went viral on the Internet and it’s very disappointing to see reactions such as these from children who seem to be luckier than most, especially those who live in third-world countries.

Teaching kids how to be appreciative is very important. Not only will they grow up happier and more content, but they’ll also tend to be more sensitive to the needs of others. Here are a few tips on how you can teach your kids to become more grateful for the things they receive.


Make them say the magic word. Always.

Whenever you or someone else gives something to your children, make sure they always say “thank you” in return. If they receive a toy they didn’t like and discarded it, correct them immediately and inform them what they did was inappropriate. Tell them that doing something like that will hurt the feelings of the person who gave them the gift. Teach them to accept gifts warmly and emphasize that it’s the thought that counts. People should appreciate the act of giving not criticize a gift however small.

Give them responsibility

It’s difficult to teach kids about being appreciative if you don’t give them the chance to give a present from the fruits of their labor to someone dear to them. Let them make something personal like birthday cards for their favorite uncle or auntie. Once they’ve put in making the card and received a heartwarming thank you, your kids will be able to feel what it’s like to be appreciated.

Teach them to be kind to the less fortunate

Helping the less fortunate is a noble thing to do in this world, and it also teaches children to be appreciative of what they have. When you give something to the people less fortunate and your kids are with you, remind them of the fact that not everyone has it easy as them. Unakids, a charity that helps children from countries with armed conflicts, is proof that not all children receive their basic rights such as a home, food, and an education. Remind them to appreciate the clothes they’re wearing, food they’re eating, and home they’re living in because not everyone has such luxuries. The fact that they also have loving parents is a big plus.

Help your kids become proper adults by teaching them how to be appreciative at an early age. Don’t spoil them too much or they might end up being like one of the kids who post nasty things about their parents on social media.

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