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Putting the Fun Back in Commuting: 5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Scooter for Your Kids

As a parent, I am sure you have seen trends come and go. We had Heelys, the sneakers with wheels in the back, then these gave way to Segways and now motorized “hoverboards” (that don’t actually hover) are dominating the market.

But one kid’s mode of transportation has stood the test of time. Their shapes, colors and designs have changed, but their concept and construct have remained largely intact. Scooters have been around for almost two decades and show no signs of letting up.

Part of this is because they are just a fun way to travel. However, there are a host of other reasons why your child should have a scooter.

They hone a child’s balance 

Scooters help develop a child’s sense of balance, without the loft fall you get from a bicycle. Scooters are a good way of teaching children the coordination and motor skills that we use in everyday life.

Some designs offer more balance assistance than others, for example, designs with two require more balance than larger models with four wheels, offering something for every stage of a child’s motor development.

They’re perfect for when the kids get tired 

For kids that are too big for strollers but too small to walk long distances, family vacations can be challenging. You want to explore but you know there are only a certain number of steps before your child gets tired, cranky and teary-eyed.

An electric scooter is a fun way to explore. Many are also easy to assemble and disassemble, making them easy to transport. Check out electric scooter reviews to find the right scooter for your child and make family outings a much more relaxed affair.

They’re safe 

Providing your child wears the appropriate clothing (a helmet and knee and elbow pads), scooters are totally safe. The distance between your child and the ground is significantly less than a bicycle for instance, and scooters are also a great way to teach your children about the importance of wearing a helmet.

It builds confidence 

Children gain confidence in childhood by mastering challenging skills. Mastering control of a scooter represents enough of a challenge for children to receive a confidence boost once they truly master it. The excitement of racing their friends (and winning) will give them a confidence that they will take into other aspects of their lives.

Scooters are inexpensive 

Unlike most other children’s toys these days, many scooters are affordable. Electric scooters sell for more than kick scooters, and like anything, there are optional add-ons and gadgets that drive prices up, but a basic kick scooter is an inexpensive purchase.

There is also a thriving second-hand scooter market. When children outgrow their scooters, many parents sell them online on craigslist or eBay. You may be able to pick up a bargain there.

Above all, scooters are fun. There is a reason why they have ingrained themselves in our children’s toy boxes for close to 20 years. Kids want to have fun, and scooters let them do just that.


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