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Preparing For Your New Baby On A Budget

Preparing for your new baby’s arrival is exciting. Unfortunately, it’s also expensive, and this can make mothers-to-be feel very stressed. There are so many things that parents must get before their baby arrives including a cot, a pram, clothing, toys, nappies, and the list goes on.

But this post is intended to panic you! I will provide you with a number of ways that can help you to save costs and stick to your budget in order to ease your concern about financial matters. Using these money saving tips will allow to concentrate on enjoying being pregnant and getting excited about the arrival of your bundle of joy.

  • Focus on the essentials. My advice is to buy the items on your essentials list but be sparing. This way you don’t stock up on lots of things that you find you don’t need or like. Wait to find out what your and your baby’s preferences are so that you can make more worthwhile purchases.

  • Borrow from family and friends. A lot of things that you need for your new baby will only be used for such a short amount of time that it doesn’t always make financial sense to buy it brand new. If you have new Mums among your family and friends, ask them if they have anything useful items they could sell to you for a more reasonable price. Knowing how much stuff you accumulate when you have a new baby, they’ll probably be more than happy to give them to you.

  • Hire items. Did you know that there are many new baby essentials that you can hire instead of buying? Again, this saves you from forking out money for items that you will only need for a temporary period. There are great websites where you can hire lots of really useful equipment  like cots, car seats, and prams.

  • Become a bargain hunter. If you are not already a veteran online bargain hunter, then it’s a great idea to become one. Search for any items you need like breast pumps or cheap maternity clothes and find out where you can get them for the most reasonable price. There are many sites that can help you compare prices for goods, but in most cases you will need to do the investigative work yourself. It’s worth it though, and I bet you will become totally addicted.


Image: Emily May

  • Have a baby shower. I know it sounds cheeky but let’s face it, you family and friends will want to help you out by giving you practical gifts that will help you prepare for your new arrival. If you do feel guilty, set a spending limit you are comfortable with. Even small items will help you out a great deal.

These are just some of the helpful ways I’ve learned to save money while expecting. I really hope they help you to manage your baby budget. If you have any more money-saving tips to add, please let me know!

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