Post-Baby Body Changes Nobody Tells You About

Most of us know that having a baby can cause the anticipated couple of stretch marks or a few extra pounds. But there are a few other surprise side effects that follow the miracle of birth, that some don’t see as so miraculous.


Whether you’ve just had a baby and are looking to see if any of these symptoms are shared by you, or perhaps you’re an expecting mother curious about what is waiting for you around the corner, take a look at some of these symptoms and see for yourself.

Hair Loss

Eek! That’s right. Telogen effluvium is the excessive shedding of hairs that can occur in 40-50% of women one to five months after pregnancy.  

The way nature works on this is, at any given time certain parts of your hair are either in a resting phase, while the rest is in a growing phase.  During and post pregnancy, your hair simply has more in the resting phase.  

Perhaps you noticed your hair is limp and lifeless? Don’t panic! In most cases, it is totally normal and it will come back!

However in some cases, this can actually be a condition called alopecia, and can be treated with hair transplantation.

Change in Shoe Size

While many women experience swelling of the ankles and feet during pregnancy, there’s an entire group of women whose feet actually permanently change size.

Unfortunately, there’s no remedy for this, you’ll simply have to get bigger shoes! Generally, the change in size is only by a half or so, nothing drastic.

Skin Texture

Following pregnancy, our body is going through all sorts of hormonal shifts and changes.  Our skin can go completely haywire from these changes.  

Generally women notice either an increase in oiliness, or the opposite, which is a rough dry texture where it was previously smooth.

For dry skin, try a cocoa butter, or an all natural balm.  Using an ultra thick product locks in moisture at a much higher intensity than regular moisturizer.

Alternatively, for excess oily skin, wash your face regularly and apply an astringent.  Using something light like witch hazel can help avoid irritation or excess drying which can lead to overcompensation of the skin trying to moisturize itself, leading to even more oil!

Varicose Veins

These little, swollen veins that vary from either a light blue to a dark purple, occur in 3 out of 10 pregnant women.  They can vary in size, and are generally harmless.  In some cases, however, they can cause pain and in discomfort and a doctor may suggest removing the vein altogether.

To minimize varicose veins, try to avoid long periods of standing in one position, or have the legs crossed for too long.

Back Pain

During pregnancy, back pain is practically unavoidable. Between having to squeeze your belly in between your chair the table, or trying to find a comfortable sleeping position, the added pressure of our bellies can give us aches and pains in our spine.

For some women, though, pregnancy can leave lifelong discomfort that may need to be treated by a chiropractor, or sometimes acupuncture.

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