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Here’s the truth of the matter. Somebody asked me to look at this program and do a review. I thought to myself: I really don’t have the time for this stuff. I’ll just make it up. But I did login to the website which is called Positive Edge Education and read the ‘about me’. A mighty impressive line-up of people involved in the background and creation of this website and the concepts of education. A small bit of pedantic input – there are some grammatical errors in the short bios of some of the developers.

My Relevant Experience

I am also a teacher. That is, I taught English in China and Portugal. The China experience galvanised me to change the style of education in the schools and classes that I taught, using video clips and interaction with songs and dances. I also developed a few games that used PowerPoint, that medium being the basis of my work. The classes and the style of teaching were a huge success, not only with kids, but also with adults. We all learn in different ways, but visual presentations are usually at the top of the tree. I have some great stories about those 5 years!

I’m Positive about Positive Edge

That brings me to Positive Edge. I confess, I had no intention of watching anything and was trying to find a way to skirt around Darwin and check in on Einstein but failing that, I thought, okay, let’s take a look.

Engaging Video

First impression, and gained very quickly, was that I could immediately see why the Higgins brothers won a “Best Animation” award. I was hooked, as an adult, so I can only guess at how well this video would work with children. I’m a bit of a fan of Darwin anyway, and even I learnt a few things watching the video. It was very, very well made and if you can be engaging, be it writing or be it educating, you’re on a winner. So, I watched the video all the way through and I congratulate the producers and all those involved. It was terrific.

The Lesson Review

Next came the questions. I might as well do them too, and if I make a fool of myself with some wrong answers, who would know? Well, the questions were well constructed but it’s the answers, or more correctly, the explanatory notes inserted after you submit your response. Very cool.

We want More!

A downer? Well, I wanted to move on but the darn clock told me I would have to wait almost 2 days! Kidding! I guess that’s not really a negative and there is a reason for hanging the participants out to dry a bit. What a great way to learn though. Having a potential student impatiently biding their time until they could see more!


My own personal motto is: Nothing worthwhile in life is ever achieved without passion. As well as being Darwin’s mental talisman I might suggest that it is also that of the creators and contributors to Positive Edge Education. A big ‘Bravo’ and a standing applause!

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