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Popular Book Series To Help Survive Night Feeds

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Welcoming a new baby into the family can be an exciting but nerve-wracking time. Do you have everything you need for your new arrival? Are you as planned and prepared as you can be?

When your beautiful bundle of joy does finally come home, things certainly do change. Life is thrown into a state of blissful (but manic!) chaos, and you’ll need a few weeks to adjust to all of the changes.

Night feeds; sleepless nights and time spent sat by your baby’s crib side can all lead to less sleep. If you find yourself unable to relax or get back into a pattern try these popular books series as a way to relax and unwind before you gain those precious few hours sleep.

The Hunger Games – We all know about The Hunger Games by now. This popular series has gone from a set of hugely successful books, to an even more hugely successful film franchise.

Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence in the film) Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson in the film) and fellow contestants, take part in the Hunger Games.  This is a battle to the death. Forming strong friendships and unbreakable bonds along the way, these characters will stick with you for all of the right reasons, long after the books have been read.

You’ll be dragged into their world and will want to know everything there is to know about it. This is an easy read with plenty of great chapter highlights.

Game of Thrones – Written by George R.R. Martin, this book series is not for the faint hearted. The books are long and wordy, but absolutely beautifully written. You’ll find yourself completely engrossed in the travels of these top fictional characters around Westeros and King’s Landing. They come to the realisation that ‘Winter is Coming’ and fight to take their place on the Iron Throne.

Read the books if you have time or invest in the Game of Thrones audio books and listen with one headphone in. Perfect as you take on those killer night feeds and restless nights of early parenthood.

Mortal Instruments – Follow our heroine Clary as she struggles to deal with her new life as a shadow hunter (a human who possesses angelic qualities) and her love for Jace.

The film version of this wasn’t exactly the box office hit that it was tipped to be and as sales continued to fall, it looked as though a second movie might be off the cards.

Fans of the Mortal Instruments book series series shouldn’t lose hope yet though as it is rumoured to be schedules for conversion into a TV show. It is as yet unclear whether Lily Collins will reprise her role as Clary.

Divergent – This series was only recently made into a film. The books are perfect for light reading and are ideal for everyone from teens to adults.

Written by Veronica Roth and published by Harper Collins, the books take us on a journey with Beatrice (Tris) Prior. She explores her life in various ‘fractions’ based on personality traits and life choices. Her romance with ‘Four’ the love interest in the book is well written and a joy to see play out in novel format in particular.

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