Pillow Talk: How to Find the Right Pillow

There is no worse way to wake up than with a sore head and a feeling of dissatisfaction. This, believe it or not, tends to be induced by sleeping on an insufficient pillow. Using the wrong kind of pillow can be just as detrimental to sleep as the mattress, the climate, or even insomnia. But what exactly is the wrong kind of pillow? More importantly, what is the right kind? In short, it depends. There are many things to consider when looking for a pillow that suits your particular wants and needs – here are a few of them.

Your Health

If you’re looking not to wake up in a rash, make sure that, prior to buying, you research which material and filling you’re most sensitive to. For example, those who are prone to hay fever or asthma will want to look for allergy friendly pillows. In terms of comfort, it often depends what the pillow is used for. Feather-filled pillows allow more air in, meaning they are a lot softer and spongier, perfect for back support. For a guaranteed deep sleep, firmer pillows filled with a foam filling are a popular choice.

Personal Preference

Pillows can be used in many ways. While some could use pillows solely just to prevent them from falling after a long workday, others may use them like Anime Körperkissen, a collection they wish to hoard. For the former group of people, personal preference is a key factor in deciding which pillow to take home. For example, if you enjoy reading until three in the morning, you might consider buying two soft pillows rather than one firm pillow, as you are probably more interested in vertical comfort. If you are into home décor and aesthetics, you might buy some fotokissen bedrucken, or something alike, and get over with it. But you don’t always have to have a logical reason for wanting one pillow over another. Perhaps you’re partial to foam-filled pillows simply because that’s what you’ve always had.

Sleeping Position

While preference is important, it’s possible that your aches and pains are the result of not wanting to try something new. Consider the position you tend to sleep in. Again, if you are a big reader and need to be propped up, softer pillows will perform better for this purpose than firmer pillows. If you have a heavier head or simply put a lot of pressure on your pillow, a firmer surface that won’t sink down later into the night will do the trick.

Get Shopping!

Sometimes the best way to discover your ideal pillow is to simply start looking at what’s available. You can do this at the nearest furniture store or you can begin narrowing down your options by exploring online at a bedding product website like that of MiniJumbuk (click here to see the variety of different quilts and pillows they have available).

Remember that “the right pillow” depends entirely on the individual. Don’t think of your needs as atypical simply because they are not satisfied by the standard, 20-by-26 inch pillow; in fact, most people would agree that this pillow is only aesthetically satisfying (which is why you’ll always see them on display), however you may be able to find an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable pillow in the same one, with a Dakimakura pillow for example. When testing a pillow, listen to what your body tells you rather than what your vanity tells you. Do this and you’ll be well on your way to better nights of sleep.

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