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Pet Portraits – The Best Way to Preserve the Memory of Your Special Family Friend

Isn’t it quite intriguing how something like an animated animal character just so effortlessly seems to endear itself to the hearts of the entire family? Think the likes of Scooby Doo and even both Tom and Jerry, oh and don’t even get me started on the likes of Tweety and his bags of cuteness! While these specific cartoon animal characters can speak the language we humans understand, the reason why they’re so endearing is because they reminds us of some of our own special family friends we otherwise call our pets.

Sure, your family pet(s) probably can’t speak “human”, although there are some which try really hard (go to YouTube and search for “speaking dog” or “piano-playing, singing dog”), however, they are indeed special because as any pet-owner will tell you, they have their own characters and personalities. You can have two dogs which were borne by the same mother and they could be completely different. These differences can be and often are evident in both the pets’ physical appearances and in their character-and-personality, the physical differences of which are evident even in the case of the pets being of the same breed and the same bloodline.

Unfortunately though pets don’t quite live as long as we humans do and that’s perhaps why we count dogs’ ages in so-called “dog years”. So for what works out to be a brief period in our lives, the pets which capture our hearts remind us of the depth in Mother Nature’s beauty and I’m sure I’m not the only one who wishes to have a long since departed pet back if only for an hour or two, just so that I can enjoy some of their unconditional love and goofiness one more time.

Unfortunately that’s not quite possible at all, so I guess for me the next best thing is to preserve their memory through having pet portraits of them done. Yes, there is an actual service of this nature and one which I’ve had a great experience using repeatedly myself – something which the entire family actually appreciates greatly. It’s never nice to have to think about the day your special family friend will inevitably depart this earth, but oil paintings of them go a long way in preserving their memory and providing a window into the past, when life was that much brighter with them around.

These make for some great gifts as well, especially if you’re giving something like a puppy as a present for Christmas or a birthday. An accompanying oil painting to preserve a moment in time when that pet was a little younger, more playful and exuberant makes for a great gift, but these are also great as decorations to perhaps go alongside the family portrait wall and the likes.

As far as the paintings themselves go, they’re not all the way ‘cartoonified’ versions of the pet, but rather resemble more of a realism artwork. Nevertheless, Portraits on Demands manages to capture the essence of the pet’s soul in such a way that looking at the paining will have you feeling like your special family friend is right there with you, always.

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