Personalised Engraved Gifts, Ideal for That Special Someone

If you are struggling to find the right gift for a relative or close friend, then why not consider purchasing them a personalized engraved gift? Personalized gifts are the perfect way to show someone just how special they are to you. They are also ideal for the man or woman who seems to already own everything! Whether you are buying a birthday, christening, wedding, or graduation present, a personalized engraved gift is sure to be well received.

Personalised engraved gifts like champagne flutes are ideal for wedding and anniversary presents.
Personalised engraved gifts like champagne flutes are ideal for wedding and anniversary presents.

Personalising by name

One of the best ways to personalize a gift is to have the recipient’s name engraved on it. People love to own items that feature their name as it tells everyone else that it belongs to them. All types of gifts from expensive jewelry to low-cost keyrings can be personalized, providing that they are made from a suitable material.

Personalising with a date

An alternative way you could personalize a gift is by having a date engraved onto its surface. This may be the recipient’s birthday or it could be a day that holds significance to both of you. For example, your wedding date, the day you first met, or the date you got engaged.

Personalising with a photo

You could also personalize a gift using a photo (of your partner, or both of you together) and get a custom photo keychain or custom photo plaque as a gift for your beloved. It could be an anniversary gift or something to celebrate an important occasion in your life.

Engraved quotes

Although many people go down the name or date route when having gifts engraved, if you want to make your present all the more special, why not consider having a quote engraved instead? If you are purchasing a gift for your partner for their birthday, Valentine’s Day or anniversary, you may want to consider having a quote from your favorite romantic movie or poem engraved on their gift. Alternatively, if you are buying a gift for your best friend, you could have a memorable quote of theirs engraved onto their gift. This may be something profound that they have said or something extremely funny.

Personalised engraved gift guide

If you are looking to purchase a personalized engraved gift, see our gift guide below for inspiration!

For her

If you are looking to splash out on your girlfriend, best friend, sister, or mother, then why not treat them to a personalized engraved piece of jewelry? Lockets are a wonderful idea, as along with personalizing them with their name, their birth date, or a quote they like, they can also go onto personalize it themselves by putting pictures of their loved ones inside.

Cufflinks featuring a person's initials can make a lovely personalised engraved gift.
Cufflinks featuring a person’s initials can make a lovely personalized engraved gift.

For him

Personalized engraved hip flasks and tankards usually go down well with men. However, if the special man in your life doesn’t drink, you might want to consider personalized engraved cufflinks instead. Despite their small size, cufflinks can be engraved with initials or a birthdate, making them a thoughtful and stylish gift for someone dear. And, if he has a passion for cars and collects a few, another wonderful idea could be giving him customized private plates that reflect his love for cars. It can be a unique and meaningful gift that can celebrate his interest.

Couple gifts

If you have friends that are getting married or your parents are celebrating a milestone anniversary, you could treat them to a set of engraved champagne glasses or even a bottle of vintage wine featuring their names and wedding date. The great thing about buying a newlywed couple a bottle of personalized vintage wine is that they can set a date to open in together in the future, after many happy years.

Or better still, give your partner something for your house! An engraved custom photo moon lamp sounds like a good idea for couples, who want a moment of their lives forever, on display. You could check out MyMoonLamp and other similar websites for something special for that special someone in your life.


When it comes to choosing personalised engraved gifts the possibilities are endless, visit a site such as for inspiration. With so many different gifts to choose from, you are sure to find something that the special person in your life will love. If we could just offer one quick tip for having personalised gifts engraved it would be to double check your spellings and dates. There would be nothing worse than spelling the recipient’s name incorrectly or getting their date of birth wrong, especially after going to the trouble of getting them such a special and unique gift!

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