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Perfect Birthday Presents for Active Kids

It can be tricky finding the perfect birthday gift for an active kid. Children with stacks of energy can easily grow bored of standard gifts. The key to buying gifts for active kids is to give them the tools for their adventurous endeavors. Here are some birthday ideas for the live wire in your life that will help them harness their boundless energy.

Personalised Sports Gear

Gear for their favourite sport is always a winner. But to make something really special, customise it. There are a variety of online stores that allow you to personalise sports balls, baseball bats, hats and more with words and images. Or, give them a customised badge to accessorise their everyday wear so they can let the world know their sport of choice.

A New Set of Wheels

Can you remember the bike you had as a kid? Remember the sense of freedom it gave you? The adventures you went on? The way you showed it off to your friends?

family bikes

Bikes are an important part of childhood. And, for active kids, they’re the perfect birthday gift! When choosing a bike, take into consideration the child’s age, tastes, activity levels, and what they are likely to use the bike for. It could be helpful to chat to the helpful staff at a reputable bike store. Another good starting point is this great article by 99 Bikes , which looks at how to choose the perfect kids’ bike.

An Adventure Kit

More than anything, active kids need adventure. Create an ‘adventure kit’ containing a hat, a card, a snack, and a map you’ve drawn of your backyard. Every adventurer needs a place to stay, so don’t forget to include a sheet, some string, and some pegs for fort building. Prepare by placing any other necessary fort building materials in the backyard (marked with an X on the map). Let your active kid lead the expedition to your ‘camp’, then enjoy building the fort. As an added bonus, there might be treasures along the path. This is a great activity for a group of children and can be the first in a series of birthday games.

Shoes to See Them Through Their Outdoor Adventures

Get the active kid a pair of shoes as durable as they are to see them through their adventures in comfort. Invest in a pair made especially for their favourite activities. Lightweight running shoes for the athlete. Sand shoes for the beach kid. Boots for the explorer. Things to consider when buying shoes for active kids include:

  • How can the shoes be cleaned?
  • Are the shoes allowed at school (e.g. does the school have restrictions on colours?), and, if not, will they get enough wear?
  • Do they need shoes that are cold-proof or waterproof?

Active kids need gifts that empower them to be active in their own way. These are some ideas for presents that one can never get bored of. If you have some other suggestions for great active birthday gifts, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments below.

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