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Parenting Hacks – Toy Swap

Being a parent is the biggest blessing of all, but it’s also quite a challenge, in an emotional, psychological and financial sense. It’s really hard to do it all nowadays and on your own, even with both you and your partner having jobs and earning decent wages. It takes a village and if you have one, it’s great, if not, it’s harder, but not impossible. Regardless of which category you fall into, there are parenting tricks that can make your life so much easier, you just need to find a way to these sacred books that tell you all about them. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy and they’re not all in one place, but we are here today to give you a hand when it comes to dealing with children’s toys. We all know that the toy industry has raised prices beyond any level of decency. Luckily, we’re here to give you a few hints on how to deal with this problem.


It is common knowledge that kids get bored easily, which means that the amazing toy you got them two weeks ago might already be forgotten, even though it cost you a whole fortune. Your child probably threw it away with little or no hope of them giving any more attention to it in the future. So, your kids constantly want new toys and there’s absolutely no way your budget can keep up with that pace.


Think about other parents in the world. They must have the same problems, more or less. So, one suggestion is to find a way to swap toys among families. If they are in good condition, your kids won’t even know they’re not new and you won’t have to go bankrupt. It seems like a win-win situation. You can organize your own toy exchange and solve not just your own, but other people’s problems. The only question left for you to solve is how to do all this.


There are websites where you can buy second hand toys in excellent condition. You can even contact them and supply them with your own kid’s old toys. If not, you can organize your own online auctions on other websites, there are various categories and you’ll surely be able to find a place for your child’s old toys, as well as get them some ‘new old toys’. For instance, with, you can make sure your kid’s LEGO collection is always fresh. On the other hand, if you’re looking to exchange computer games, you can do it on There are many great sites, you just need to check for their reputation in order to be sure you’ll be safe during these exchanges.


If you’re more of the traditional kind, you can organize a live exchange. In order to do this, you need a venue, toys and, most importantly, contacts. Before you do anything, you need to find other parents who are willing to participate in the exchange. You can form a committee and work out the details, as well as dividing the expenses. The next thing you need to do is think of the rules. What categories of toys will there be? Is there a minimum and maximum amount? Do toys need to be cleaned and checked before exposition? Are children allowed to participate or is it parents-only?

Talk to your kids

Before you act on anything, you need to talk to your kids about permanently giving up their old toys in order to get new ones. As time goes by, their toy preferences may have evolved. For instance, they might have developed a strong affinity for a particular character from a TV show and now wish to collect miniatures (like Anya Forger’s spy x family figures) related to it. Understanding their desires is crucial to avoid selecting the wrong items for them. Present the idea as an exciting opportunity and highlight the benefits to your kids. This approach will likely generate enthusiasm and an eagerness to participate. Remember, if your children are unwilling to cooperate, it’s important not to impose a decision on them.

There are many ways to approach the situation of getting new toys for your kids that are much more affordable than brand new toys. Do your research, talk to your kids and make everyone happy. If you manage to organize exchanges, it can become an annual or monthly event in your town or area. It’s beneficial for both parties, your budget won’t have to suffer and your kids will still be happy. Everyone wins!

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