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Interesting stationary types for kids

Buying stationary for your kids can sometimes be a chore. What should be a relatively easy process usually turns into a screaming match on both sides. Buying stationary for children is difficult because it’s important for them to appear cool at school. Having awesome stationary is important to your child’s social life at school, if your kid has the most ... Read More »

A Moms Guide to Dressing Your Kids for Winter

Keeping your kids warm and toasty in the winter can be a bit of a challenge. Finding suitable attire is essential to protecting your little one from catching a chill, or even worse, getting frostbite. Children are more prone to frostbite as they lose heat faster than adults and don’t always make the sensible choice of warming up regularly when ... Read More »

How Do Psychics Work? Can They Predict Pregnancy?

Link to source Though psychic mediums have been incredibly popular in the UK for hundreds of years, many people still fail to understand fully how they operate. This could be blamed on the fact that the vast majority of them tend to adopt slightly different techniques, but in truth, their fundamental underlying methods are strikingly similar. As London has been ... Read More »

Stylish changing bags

Changing bags are often thought of as notoriously drab items. Overwhelmed with practicality, there is simply no room for style in these everyday items. However, companies like Baby Lurve are stocking a fantastic range of stylish AND practical changing bags. We took a look at their collection and selected our favourites… Rosebud Flying Geese Messenger Juggling a baby, a handbag ... Read More »

3 ways to trick your child into exercising

Getting your kids to exercise can sometimes result in screaming and crying from both sides. If your child isn’t interested in sports it can be difficult to get them to see the point of exercising, if they don’t enjoy it. This can be tackled if you secretly find a way to make them think that exercise is actually really fun, ... Read More »

3 Quick and Easy Recipes for the Working Mum

There are two things that can work against a busy Mum; time and the size of her freezer. Planning ahead is all well and good, in fact, many household units spend their weekends preparing an array of heatable meals for the week ahead, significantly poor on spare hours as Monday rolls around. Mums (and Dads) have the added pressure of ... Read More »

Helpful Tips and Advice for New Mums and Dads

No matter how much you read or how well you plan, welcoming your first child into the world can be overwhelming. You can, however, take some steps to be prepared so that when issues arise, you’re ready to meet them. Quick, Healthy Food for the Whole Family When your little one arrives, you won’t have much time to think about ... Read More »

How to develop healthy eating habits for your children

Trying to manage your own diet is difficult, but keeping on top of your child’s eating habits as well is even harder. Here are three ways you can help your child develop a healthy diet.   Make an effort What your child eats is ultimately up to you – you’re the one that does the weekly the shop and prepares ... Read More »

5 Ways Technology Makes Seniors’ Lives Easier

A common misconception is that digital connectivity technology is only for young people. In other words, the Internet, social media, mobile communication devices and the like represent technology that is said to be ideally suited to the needs and desires of younger people. In reality, technology of this nature has more relevance to the unique needs of senior citizens. 21st ... Read More »

A Guide To Dressing & Styling Your Kids

As kids get older, they will want to start expressing their personality through their clothing choices. This is a natural progression and should be encouraged. It’s hard to step back and let your child experiment; you may feel that others are judging you for the interesting choice of garments your son or daughter is wearing. You may find it difficult ... Read More »