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5 Reasons A Will Can be Contested

A will is a legal and binding document by the deceased outlining the manner in which the estate left behind should be shared. Although a will is binding there are certain wanting circumstances that gives you the right to contest a will before it is executed. Getting a will drawn up by a professional can help avoid will disputes in the future. ... Read More »

How not to be a football parent

Travel to any junior football match in the UK today and you always see the same thing; parents on the sidelines vociferously exhorting their children (usually, but not exclusively boys) onto ever greater efforts. These parents are too loud, too competitive, rude as they often berate the referee and they’re sapping all the joy from the beautiful game – so ... Read More »

Thinking of Having IVF? Useful Tips and Advice for You

Having IVF treatment is all about making sure it’s a success. The crucial part of this treatment is the embryo transfer, where the success will determine whether you get pregnant or not. This post will give you useful tips and advice, so you have the best chance of conceiving: photo from Flickr Take Care of Yourself Before you have treatment, ... Read More »

Forget all you thought you knew about getting kids into sport

There are two important things to remember if you’re trying to get your kids into sport: The first is to find something they actually enjoy doing. The second is to put them in the moment. by  John-Morgan  That’s largely it; the rest is usually just about someone trying to sell you something. But think back to your own childhood about sports ... Read More »

Playing and Learning: The 5 Best Activities For Your Toddler

Thanks to Elizabeth Pfaff for the image. Anyone with kids will know that an inquisitive toddler needs constant attention. You can’t take your eyes off them for a second. And if you’re a new mum or dad, you might not want to. However, sometimes you’ll just need five minutes of quiet time. Five minutes where your toddler can entertain his ... Read More »

Things to Remember When Viewing a Property for the First Time

  Buying your first home is not only an exciting experience, but a very stressful one as well.  This is particularly true if you are not as clued up on the housing market as other people.  When looking at property for sale Aberdeenshire, there are many things you need to remember.  To help you understand what these things are, we ... Read More »

4 Truths You Won’t Find in a Parenting Book

The art of parenthood cannot be gleaned from a book. Despite the jam-packed shelves in book stores, learning how to be a parent cannot be done from a book. It’s not like making a cake. Parenting is done to everyone’s own tastes.  Babies do not quite prepare you for the horror of a toddler. Luckily, the toddler phase soon disappears. ... Read More »

Your Baby Must-Haves: Essential Items For the First Year

When you are expecting a baby, it can seem like everything is an essential. During the first year of your baby’s life, you undoubtedly want to make sure that they have everything that they need. For first time parents, deciphering what an important item is, and what is not, is a difficult task. After all, you don’t want to leave ... Read More »