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Taking Your Child to the Dentist

Taking your little ones to the dentist should start from a very early age. In fact, once the first tooth erupts, usually around one year of age, you should get your child to the dentist for their first cleaning. This will set up a lifetime of good oral hygiene that will hopefully result in a cavity-free smile. However, getting your ... Read More »

Taking Your Kids to Getting a Shot

  Shot. No ones like that word when at the doctor, whether it is an adult or a child. After all, it’s not pleasant to get a shot because it can be painful. However, often the lead-up to the event is actually worse than the event itself. As a new parent, you may have just as much fear of shots ... Read More »

Choosing a Child Care Program

Choosing a child care program may seem like an overwhelming task, but you can find a suitable one if you consider certain essential details. If you are looking for a program that promotes learning and developmental growth, you will need to know which questions to ask. Once you are prepared to begin interviewing potential candidates, you will likely feel more ... Read More »

How Urgent Care Can Help Your Family Save Money

You probably know what it’s like to get sick on a Friday. Maybe you have a urinary tract infection, or your child has an ear infection. It’s going to be very uncomfortable for you until you can get to your doctor’s office on Monday. You may be considering a trip to the emergency room, but you know what a hassle ... Read More »

How Charitable Foundations Help the Community Your Family Lives In

A charitable foundation is an organization that is created to provide financial support and assistance to other charitable organizations or toward some community based solution, such as education, workforce development, social justice, etc. A charitable organization, formed under the provisions of I.R.S. section 501(c)(3), may be one of three types: private operating foundations, exempt operating foundations, and grant-making foundations. In ... Read More »

Dyslexia – the creative genius and how you can help your child

Discovering that your child is dyslexic can be a stressful experience for parents, particularly when it comes to education and your child’s ability to learn. However it need not be! There are a number of misconceptions concerning dyslexia, including the idea that children with dyslexia are difficult or ‘slow learners’, when in reality a child’s mental capabilities is not hindered ... Read More »

4 Outdoor Family Bonding Activities

Thanks to busy schedules and an abundance of technology in the home, good old fashioned family quality time is something that can often fall by the wayside. To get your family to come together, leave the familiar behind and take inspiration from the world outside. Here are four possible activities you and your family can take part in, away from ... Read More »

Key Things To Understand About Common Law Marriage

When we think of ourselves as being in a relationship, a loving and long term one, it is often very easy to see ourselves as being married. Being with the same person for so long, we get to know them on a deep emotional level, and without going down the aisle we still feel committed and bonded to them. Having ... Read More »

Raising a Child to be Appreciative

It’s quite alarming to see posts on social media about kids who seem to be very unappreciative of their surroundings. This photo went viral on the Internet and it’s very disappointing to see reactions such as these from children who seem to be luckier than most, especially those who live in third-world countries. Teaching kids how to be appreciative is ... Read More »

Best Ways To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

(Image via PublicDomainPictures Giving birth is a magical thing. Carrying someone in you for nine months and then bringing them into the world. There’s nothing that beats it. Although pregnancy is probably the most painful experience ever, seeing your baby’s smile is worth it. The downside of pregnancy is that it can leave some after effects on you. Even ... Read More »