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3 Ways To Encourage A Love Of Music In Kids

If you yourself have a love of music, it only makes sense that you’d want to encourage a love of music for your kids as well. However, having music forced upon them, especially when it comes to learning how to play a musical instrument, may not prove to be the best way to go about this. Rather, you should try ... Read More »

Soon-To-Be Dads: How to Help

If you and your partner have just received the great news that you are expecting an addition to your family, first of all, congrats! However, once the initial glee passes, you will soon realize that plenty is expected of you as a dad-to-be. Just because you are not the one carrying the little one for nine months, it doesn’t mean ... Read More »

How to sleep comfortably while pregnant

  While it is exciting and enthralling to have another (little) human enter our lives, it is equally taxing. Being a new parent comes with a price & that starts with sleep deprivation. By now, you must have tossed and turned a million times and yet couldn’t have the luxury of continuous sleep.   An adequate amount of sleep is ... Read More »

Can You Get Medical Marijuana for a Minor in Louisiana?

If your underage child has a debilitating medical condition that you’re pursuing treatment over, you might be asking whether medical marijuana could be beneficial for them. A Louisiana card for medical marijuana is available for minors, but in order to make sure it’s as safe as possible, there are some extra requirements that you may need to go through. Here’s ... Read More »

4 Tips For Handling an Anxious Child

Recent statistics show that as many as three out of five children suffer from anxiety. Yet, in reality, anxiety isn’t necessarily a terrible thing.  In some cases, anxiousness can keep us safe, and aware of potentially dangerous surroundings. Children can be especially susceptible to stress and anxiety because the world is so new to them.  For some kids though, anxiety ... Read More »

4 Jobs For Parents Who Want Flexible Schedules

It can be challenging trying to find a balance between work and kids. Juggling it all can feel impossible sometimes, especially if you have to stick to a rigid schedule. For many parents, the ideal schedule would be one that is totally flexible. One which allows them to choose their own hours, and see their kids whenever they want.  The ... Read More »

Kids Acne Home Remedies

If you’re one of those parents who are having a difficult time dealing with acne for your children, consider looking into kids acne home remedies. There is a lot of information on the Internet and in magazines that parents can use to help treat and prevent acne. But it can be difficult knowing which ones work. But you don’t have ... Read More »

Finding the Perfect Sports Day for Kids

Kids’ Sports Day is celebrated every year since 1987 and is a time when all schools across the country have chosen to have a day where kids can come together to join in sporting competitions. Although many people may think that it is only kids who take part in such sports, you will find that the amount of participation by ... Read More »

Tips of Respectfully Photographing the Elderly

They’re coming up with a “day” for just about anything of late, some being silly like “Talk Like a Pirate Day” but others are serious and give one to pause and reflect. One to note is “Respect for the Aged Day.” Humans have the tendency to stereotype just about all types of other humans and even the most liberal and ... Read More »