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Outgrowing your home? Useful parent advice.

When you first moved into your home it was perfect for you and your partner. Cosy, clean, organised and perfect for just the 2 of you. However at the time of purchase starting a family had not come into the equation or at least it was far away in the future. Life however has funny ways of planning things on your behalf and before you knew it you were parents of one and one on the way. Now that cost, clean, organised perfect little 2 bed terrace has become a cramped, messy, unorganised frustrating place to live. The time has come to start looking ahead if one baby can cause so much stuff to accumulate then 2 is going to make it as though we are living in a toy shop.


You need a bigger home, a family home, something where every member of your family has space to feel at home. In order to obtain a larger property you have to sell the cosy 2 bed, which now resembles a storage unit. Don’t worry though there are always ways to prepare for selling your home fast. Boxing up all your personal possessions and placing them in storage will make that cosy 2 bed a showcase home for a couple looking to buy their first home just like you them years earlier. It will be difficult no doubt having to temporarily box up you and your families’ stuff however doing so will obtain a faster sale and a quicker move to a larger property for you and your family.

When looking around possible larger homes for you and your family there are a few things you need to consider. 1. Is the space suitable for you and your family? If you are planning on having more children will there be room to grow? Is there sufficient space for the children when growing i.e. garden space, own bedrooms and lastly is there somewhere where you can go to relax away from the stresses of family life preferably a room not covered in toys and sound proof with a fridge for wine in the corner.

It’s important to think ahead when buying properties, nobody likes to have to settle then move again. There is nothing more stressful than moving home actually tell a lie there is!!

When you are doing viewings consider everything that your family needs, and how much work you want to do yourself. For example, if there are carpets down you may want to change to easy quick-step laminate flooring as it is much cleaner and easier to keep clean with children around.

Moving home with kids on tow has to be one of the most excruciatingly stressful times ever.

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