Organic Baby Gifts Online for the Eco-Conscious Parent

Nothing says better I care about baby and the world it’s going to grow in better than an organic baby gift. We give you some ideas for organic baby gifts you can present to mommies and daddies.


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Want to stand out at the next baby shower? Surprise the expectant or new parents with organic baby gifts.

Why organic baby gifts?

Organic baby gifts aren’t just trending for superficial reasons; there is a reason why people rave about everything organic. Organic means the product is all-natural, eco-friendly, and non-toxic (as in free of harsh chemicals). You don’t have to worry about a fragile little bundle of joy getting an allergic reaction from wearing the clothes or playing with organically hypoallergenic toys.

Today, we give you some organic baby gift ideas that you can give to the expectant parents this coming baby shower.

  1. Organic diaper cake – Diapers are always essential, so why not give an organic diaper cake? You can get as creative as you want with this gift. It doesn’t even have to be in the shape of a cake. It can be any adorable animal like an elephant or a snail. Don’t forget to accessorise with cute bows and fabrics.
  1. Organic baby toys – Babies will chew on anything they can get close to with their mouth. You don’t want baby to chew on a toy that has toxic chemicals laced on it. Giving baby organic baby toys ensure that you avoid this. 
  1. Organic teether – Babies will spend a lot of time putting objects in their mouth when they’re teething in order to soothe aching gums. Make sure to give baby something natural and safe to chew such as an organic teether like Sophie the Giraffe or an organic teething blanket. 
  1. Organic baby bath set – There’s a wide selection of brands out there that offer organic products specially made for baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. Brands like Mambino, Neals Yard, and Earth Mama Angel have organic baby bath set that comes with baby balm, baby oil, bath, and shampoo. 
  1. Organic baby clothes – Back then, it would have been hard to shop for organic baby clothes but lately, they have gotten more popular with more moms and dads opting for baby clothes that won’t cause allergic reactions. Organic baby clothes are made of cotton that haven’t been treated with pesticides and chemical solutions. 

Note: When you buy adorable baby gifts online, particularly clothes, make sure to look for the quality seal which indicates that it follows the Global Organic Textile Standard. The International Association of Natural Textile Industry says this is the minimum standard for eco-friendly textiles.

  1. Organic baby shoes – A recent test conducted in Germany has found that most baby leather shoes contain substances known for triggering allergies and even cancer. Remember that babies will chew on anything, including their toes. And if their toes are covered by shoes, there’s a great chance they’ll chew on the shoe too. Don’t risk it. Only get organic shoes for your baby. 
  1. Organic muslin squares – You can never have enough muslin squares when baby is around. You want to make sure the expectant parents use these highly useful fabrics without having to worry about the quality of the cotton. Muslin squares are great to use as a burping cloth, mop-up, comforter, and more.
  1. Organic baby books – This is a gift that both eco-conscious moms and dads will surely appreciate. Help them jumpstart raising baby the green way by gifting them with an organic baby book. It can be about organic cooking or also organic pregnancy. 

In Conclusion

All these products have one thing in common and that is, they are all safe for baby, and they were manufactured without using any harmful chemicals. Take the extra step and surprise the expectant parents with an organic baby gift. Any other suggestions for organic baby gifts? Let us know in the comments.

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