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There are many lotions and potions designed to maintain, treat and enliven the skin, full of harsh chemicals and ingredients that can cause more harm than good with prolonged use. While being bad for the skin, they are often expensive fads, the right cream abandoning you for the next sub-par replacement. The truth is, for the everyday care of your skin, the recipe is found in your kitchen or bathroom. Here are just some of the tips from the experts at for using natural ingredients for naturally soft skin.

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The first step to achieving and maintaining soft skin is to remove the dirt and grime, along with the dead skin cells that accumulate every day. A natural way to exfoliate the skin is with a home-made scrub-scrubs clean the skin while removing oils that balance the skin’s dryness, and so should only be used once or twice a week. In a jar with a screw-top lid, combine 2 cups of fine-grained salt or sugar, half a cup of olive or almond oil, a quarter cup of honey and a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Then massage generously into the face and rough areas of the body for smooth, soft results. Brown sugar is an excellent natural exfoliant, and can be mixed with oil, water or even lemon juice to create a paste forming a simple all-over scrub. Burying your feet and rough areas into course sand at the beach can leave you walking away with near-new skin.

Be sure to remove all scrubs and washes from the body as any leftover residue can act as drying agents. While doing so, avoid very hot water and opt for soaps and shampoos without harsh chemicals. Adding milk to your bath or using warmed milk to cleanse your face can be an easy way to maintain the moisture in your skin.

Is your sensitive skin bothered by the granules of scrubs? Try using natural Greek yoghurt-the lactic acid cleanses the skin, while the dairy components soothe dry areas. However, if you are still unsure, it’s better to take the help of a spa expert. However, if you’re uncertain about what skincare products are best for your sensitive skin, it’s always a good idea to seek the expertise of a facial spa professional. Consider opting for customized facials at a reputable spa (like this facial spa seattle), where skilled estheticians can assess your skin’s specific needs and provide tailored treatments to keep your complexion healthy and glowing. Don’t hesitate to pamper yourself and let the experts guide you towards the best skincare regimen for your sensitive skin.


The use of natural moisturisers can help restore moisture to the skin, treating and preventing irritations that can result from dryness. Different kinds of oils used for cooking or baking, such as coconut, almond, or olive oil, are excellent examples of everyday items with natural moisturising elements. Shea butter is a natural fat found in the Shea tree. This Vitamin A-enriched cream activates the skin’s own healing powers and moisturises the skin while treating skin conditions, such as eczema. However, these common moisturizers may only help to a limited extent in the case of eczema. This type of skin condition typically necessitates more targeted medications (such as eczema relief cream) that are solely intended to alleviate eczema symptoms. So, you cannot expect too much from normal moisturizers with regard to severe skin conditions.


The keys to soft skin aren’t necessarily restricted to your skincare regime; aspects of a well-rounded diet can help maintain skin’s clarity and complexion, as well as its soft texture. Drinking warm water with lemon when you wake up in the morning can help maintain regular skin types, while nibbling on almonds can inject extra Vitamin E into your diet, assisting in releasing the natural oils that keeps hair soft and skin creamy smooth.

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Eating the right foods is important for healthy looking skin

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