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Why Moving Your Family To Hawaii is a Great Parenting Move

While most people would love to pick up and move to Hawaii, the sheer logistics of a move of that magnitude to an island in the middle of the South Pacific stops many people from making the commitment. When you’re raising a young family, it’s also challenging to unplug your kids from all they have going on around them like friendships, extracurricular activities, and school, and place them in a new environment and culture in the middle of the year.


Despite the difficulties that moving presents, if honesty is involved in the process, no matter where you move to, the move is going to require just as much work and disconnecting from the lives you’ve become accustomed to. Moving doesn’t ever have to be a bad thing…and if you’re looking to move due to various reasons, then why not choose Hawaii?

Here are reasons why moving your family to Hawaii is the greatest idea ever:

The Ocean is Your Backyard

Most people dream of having a large enough backyard for their children and dog to play in. In Hawaii, you not only get that, the entire ocean is practically your backyard. Depending on the island you go to, there is no fighting for beachfront space, because there are literally miles and miles of beachfront.

Think about everything that comes with the ocean…good times, suntans, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, surfing, boogie boarding, turtle surfing (though not technically legal, so it’s not recommended). If you move your family to Hawaii you’re guaranteeing thousands of hours of vacation-like quality time with your family on the ocean. You can’t beat that.

Your Kids Learn the Beauty of Adventure

If you’re too afraid to take a chance and move your entire livelihood to someplace new all because you were unsure about what would happen, what are you teaching your children? Hawaii is full of adventure and each island offers something completely different.

When everyone tires of the quiet life on Kauai, hop on over the The Big Island or Oahu to get a change of pace. The jungles, the forests, the natural pools, and the limitless areas to adventure teach your kids that adventure is not something to be afraid of, it’s something to embrace.

Tropical Fruit is Close at Hand

Tropical fruit is the best kind of fruit, and in the Hawaiian Islands, it’s no further than a hand reach away. You might have wild guava trees right in your backyard, or maybe there is a market right next door. Most islands have fruit stands perched everywhere, waiting for hungry passersby to pick their selections and drop a coin in the bucket. You might worry about convenience, expense, or isolation, but adventure and tropical food is more than enough reason to move your family to Hawaii today.

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