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Money Saving Tips for Drivers

Ask any parent what their biggest drain on resources is, and they will say their car. Maybe their teenager on occasion, but this is, of course, meant in jest. Cars are the bane of many drivers lives. You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. The great thing is, you can actually save money and be a savvy driver, should you follow these few excellent money saving tips:

 Compare Insurance Providers

Comparing insurance providers is an ingenious and simple way to save hundreds, per year, on your driving outgoings. Overall, those that compare insurance providers are likely to save, on average, £400 annually. It is so simple to do that it doesn’t feel like an arduous task. Simply enter your details into one of the many insurance comparison sites and let them do the hard work for you. Do bear in mind that it does not pay to be loyal to an insurance company. Many offer better deals for new customers. While it seems largely unfair that loyalty is not commended, do remember that at the end of your contract you can part ways with your provider and become a new customer elsewhere.


 As a new customer, you can easily beat the quoted price by haggling. While it may seem a little daunting to haggle, go for it and see what savings can be made. There is nothing wrong with using your greatest weapon at your disposal: your bargaining power.

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Council Run MOT Test Centres

Council Run MOT Test Centres are, in short, a blessing in disguise. It may seem more cost effective to be lured into the ‘Free MOT Test’ trap that many garages seem to have on offer, but do not be fooled. Council Run MOT Test Centres do not have vested interests in whether your car passes or fails its MOT, so it may be wise to spend a little more on the initial test and try to avoid the garage unless repairs need to be made.

 DIY Mechanics

If you are a DIY guru, try fixing minor car problems yourself at home. There are a multitude of online car repair companies that offer cheap car parts so it may be worth investing a small amount of time and patience in sorting the problems yourself. Of course, should you be adverse to doing this, it will be more cost effective to visit the garage, lest you be faced with a hefty repair bill for the extra damage caused!

Premium Fuels

Some petrol stations offer what is known as a ‘premium fuel’. This is great if you have a top of the range sports car and the fuel will enhance the performance. For the rest of us mere mortals, who have a standard car, there is no proof that the premium fuel will enhance the driveability of your car. Instead, invest your money in premium oil that will help enhance the cars performance, help with your engines longevity and can give you a better fuel consumption rate.

 Be a little more frugal with your car and see the savings mount up. After all, it is always nice to have a healthy bank balance.

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