Missed Your Exercise Session? Great Ideas For Keeping Active At Home

When you have embarked on a new, healthy lifestyle, it can be great fun figuring out ways to pack in as much activity and exercise as you can. Every day brings new obstacles and challenges to your exercise regime, and just missing one session puts you in danger of quitting the whole programme. Equally, you may want to break away from your diet just for one night. You may be too busy to cook, or got in too late from work. Life throws us curveballs every day. Having one takeaway probably won’t harm you too much.

If you are strong-willed enough you will be able to counter that extra treat or a day off from the exercise by keeping active in the day. There are lots of ways you can keep your heart rate elevated just enough to burn more calories off. Even if you have an office job, there are things you can do in the seated position that won’t interfere with your work. You needn’t work up a sweat, but just constantly moving can help keep your metabolism going and get those calories burned.

In the office, try marching in the chair. It needn’t be vigorous, just gentle stepping under the table. You can’t do too much because of knocking your knees on the underside of the desk! Keeping your legs moving a little instead of sitting like a statue all day works wonders to help you shape up. If you can utilise a standing workstation, this is even easier to do.

At home, try not to use the recliner on your chair. It lowers your heart rate, and you are less inclined to get up and do something more active. Why not try some modern bean bag furniture? This will provide all the comfort of a recliner chair, but your core muscles have to work just that little bit harder to get up. You are also more likely to be able to move around in the chair to keep your limbs moving. You could even use the bean bag furniture to do some core muscle work with leg-raises and other exercises.

Vacuuming image thanks to Flickr.com

Try committing to housework as an opportunity to exercise. Vacuuming and sweeping the floors provides quite a good workout. You could try weeding the garden or sweeping the yard too. Even shopping can offer you extra opportunities for a little more activity. Park at the far end of the parking lot, so you have to walk the maximum distance possible. If your supermarket is only a mile or two away, try shopping for small amounts every day to give you an excuse to go for a walk.

If you are finally sitting down in your bean bag or comfy chair at the end of a long day and watching the TV, try taking this time to do some gentle Tai Chi style movements. Elevating your arms with elbows bent, you can rotate your forearms like Beyonce. You might look a little odd to the rest of the family, but this goes a long way toward burning off your calories for the day. Little leg lifts or stepping work well too.

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