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Make the most of a large bathroom with focal points

If you’re lucky enough to have a large bathroom, you might be wondering how to make the most of the space. If you’d rather not fill the area and lose space, you might instead decide to introduce a number of signature items to give the bathroom a real wow factor – read our guide to giving your large bathroom some striking focal points.


Freestanding bath

The bath is the ideal place to relax in at the end of a busy day, but you can ensure your tub is also an eye-catching part of your bathroom if you have plenty of space to utilise. Nothing says luxury better than a freestanding bath, and there are all sorts of styles and sizes to choose from.

Whether you want a small or a large freestanding bath, you’ll find traditional and modern styles available, some of which have traditional rolltop edges while others are very angular and contemporary. You’ll also be able to pick from tubs that can be positioned directly on the floor along with alternatives that are supported on metal legs or modern wooden feet.

For a really striking effect, place the bath in the centre of the room or, for a more understated look, keep the bath to one side of the room.

Works of art

Another great way to add interest in the bathroom is to hang a large piece or pieces of art. If you’ve got lots of space in your bathroom, you can opt for something really big without having to worry about dwarfing the area.

Depending on the theme of the room or the colour scheme you’ve chosen, you might decide to hang a seascape, or a piece of abstract art in the colour you’ve chosen for the space. An old photographic print of a skyline can add a retro touch, while a framed slogan can provide visitors with food for thought.

Vanity unit

The sink is perhaps not something you’d typically associate with being the bathroom’s focal point but, if you choose the right sort of vanity unit, your sink area could become an awe-inspiring feature.

Rather than choosing a basic basin, take a look at the more elaborate vanity options available in opulent materials like marble or wood, and add features that make the sink a real focal point, like a large gilded mirror overhead, or some decorative sconces that cast extra light on the area.

The shower

Showers are becoming increasingly luxurious, and this is certainly an area you can really splash out on if you have a large bathroom. While small spaces may be restricted to an overhead unit or a shower that combines with the bath taps, it’s worth putting in a separate shower cubicle if your budget allows. You could also make use of a wet room shower tray to direct the water flow to the drainage point in your bathroom.

For real impact, think about transforming a section of the bathroom into a wetroom, which you can do by tiling the wall area from bottom to top and installing a glass panel with a built-in sliding door to separate the wetroom for the rest of the space. Install a power shower unit with a large shower head for a rain-like effect or alternatively, you might choose a wall or ceiling-mounted waterfall shower for a really exhilarating burst of water. For a truly luxurious experience, add a built-in sound system you can listen to as you shower.

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