Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

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Replacing an Air Conditioner(AC) is expensive, and in some circumstances, time-consuming. Periodic maintenance may be all that is required to keep your current system well maintained and functioning properly for many years. Although some of this maintenance is easy and can be done by any homeowner in just a few moments, it is beneficial to call an AC service professional for a yearly inspection and cleaning to preserve the comfort provided by your unit. Neglecting necessary maintenance can cause a very steady decline in the performance of AC units, while increasing the amount of energy required to run it. This means your AC unit may continue to work without maintenance, but your utility bills will rise without providing the comfortable climate that you should expect from a well-maintained unit.

What You Can Do to Preserve Your Comfort

The typical homeowner can ensure the proper operation of their unit by taking a few necessary steps. According to AC Houston, your number one choice when looking to repair or replace your AC, one of the most important tasks to increase the efficiency of your AC unit is to simply change the filter. Obstruction of airflow caused by dirty filters can cause the evaporator coil to accumulate grime. This will inhibit the ability to absorb heat, sometimes causing the unit to use from 5 – 15 percent more energy. Simply replacing, or in the case of washable filters, cleaning the filter will go a long way in lowering costs and assuring the continuing operation of your current unit. It is also a good idea to clean the evaporator coil yearly. According to AC Houston (, you can purchase various types of coil cleaners at most hardware or box stores that will make the job easy with no special equipment necessary to complete the job. It is also a good idea to run a stiff wire through the condensate drains to reduce moisture. Also a clogged drain could cause mold or bacteria to formulate or even back up causing moisture to ruin carpet or drapes

Why a Yearly Inspection by a Professional AC Service is a Good Idea

It is a good idea to hire a professional from firms like DUCTZ ( to service your air conditioner on a yearly basis to catch and correct problems before your unit quits functioning. Something that a trained professional can see, such as a leak in your duct work may be costing hundreds of dollars and can be quickly repaired. A trained expert should check your refrigerant for leaks as well as inspect connections and repair them as needed. A task as simple as oiling your motor or replacing a loose or worn belt may add years to the continued use of your unit. Another common problem area is an old or damaged thermostat, which, although inexpensive to replace, should be completed by a trained expert to prevent electrical shocks.

Having your air conditioner serviced periodically can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over the life of your unit. Although there are many crucial steps that you as a homeowner can do to ensure the comfort of your home, at times an expensive replacement may be the only option. In some cases, it may be necessary to repair or replace your AC unit. You can find a company that carries out high quality ac repair in St Charles, or wherever is local to you, which will have your unit working again. Committing to a periodic maintenance schedule may add many years to the operation of your unit and will be the most cost effective means to save on your budget.

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