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Let off some steam

There are lots of times when you’re looking after young children that your patience is tested. And it’s not always easy to find a way to get rid of the tension and stress that you might feel while the children are around and still need your attention.



Some people regain their sense of balance through yoga and meditation, or simply through counting to ten and taking some deep breaths. But that kind of de-stress doesn’t work for everyone and personally, so I like to ask around to see what other moms do. One of my friends says that they like to put headphones on and listen to relaxing music while her kids are watching TV. Another says that she found a recipe for CBD gummies on CFAH and takes them once her kids are in bed so she can relax better in the evenings. A dad I know even said that he goes into his tool shed where he’s got a TV hidden so he can get away from the chaos in his house! It’s crazy how many different ways the parents I know help unwind. I prefer to spend five minutes doing something totally different and then I can go back to being a patient mum again, refreshed for the next challenge the kids decide to throw at me!

So what do I do? I set the kids up with their favourite programme on TV for ten minutes and then I get online to play some bingo. This might not immediately sound like a great way to de-stress, but for me, it certainly is. I joined a site not so long ago and started playing a few games with a no-deposit bonus that the site gave me when I signed up. It wasn’t long before I had my first bingo win!

But I don’t really go onto the site to play to win. It’s all down to chance; if you choose to buy a card with a certain selection of numbers and they happen to be called first during the game, then you win. There’s nothing you can do to influence the result, but sometimes just watching and listening to the number calls can be really calming and almost hypnotic. That’s why I like playing online bingo; it helps clear my mind and allows me to forget whatever was causing me stress earlier on in the day.

Playing online also means that you don’t have to worry about the other players – you can shout at the screen if you feel like it when the numbers don’t go your way. No-one else is going to be disturbed by your outbursts! In fact, there are some bingo players who play in bingo halls who might be better off playing at home. Take the story that was in the papers a few months ago, for example, of two elderly ladies who came to blows at their local bingo hall in Sutton. An eighty year old woman was arrested because she punched another OAP in the face when they fell out in the queue for food at the bingo hall. A 72 year old had hurried the older woman in the lunch queue and apparently called her a ‘stupid old woman’. Unsurprisingly, the older woman took offence at this remark, but didn’t just voice her outrage; she also struck the younger woman with her fist.

People who can’t control their temper in public might be better off joining a bingo site and playing at home, where any outbursts will only echo around the room they’re in!

The other side of bingo that I enjoy is chatting to other players in the bingo chat rooms. You can get things off your chest and always count on someone to respond sympathetically with a few kind words in a message! Bingo works well for me as a way of taking the tension out of the day, added to which there’s always that little kernel of expectation that you might hit the jackpot while you’re there! Next time you’re being driven up the wall, try out the ‘calm down with bingo’ method and see if it works for you!

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