Leave Something For The Kids: Family Business Ideas That Work

It’s a small piece of the “American Dream” to have the ability to leave your kids a thriving family business when you pass, and it’s a piece of the “dream” that is still capable of being made into a reality.

All you need is a family that is willing to work, an undying drive to succeed, a great idea, and the knowledge to back it. You have to start somewhere, and now is as good a time as any.

Take a few moments to read through some family business ideas that have a good chance at success, and consider how you might begin realizing your own family’s dreams.

Start a small family farm

The demand for organic, non-GMO fresh foods is growing. Modern society is beginning to understand the importance of healthy dietary choices, and see the evils of commercial farming. That is good news for the small family farms, growing chemical-free foods.

Food is a resource that will always be in high demand. If your family can perfect their own art of production, you stand to have a long-lasting business to pass along for future generations.

Pet sitting and walking

If you have a family full of animal lovers, then it may be a good idea to try your hands at a pet sitting/walking business. Offer dog walking services to people in your neighborhood to begin building your base clientele, and build from there.

Get the whole family involved in the “behind the scenes” work as well, so they grow up learning how to run the business. Build your family’s nest egg all while enjoying the company of a crowd of furry friends.

Catering to your local community

Cooking is a favorite pastime for many families, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be making a little money for your time. Get the whole family into the kitchen, and start building your crew for your new catering operation.

Lawn care services are seasonal

The fact that lawn services are seasonal is actually a great thing in terms of running a family business. You will have plenty of time to explore other avenues and adventures, when the bulk of your family’s labor is done over just a few months out of the year.

There is always going to be money to be made in the lawn care industry, as the grass doesn’t ever stop growing.

There will always be an office manager with a big yard and no time to maintain its beauty. Take advantage of the opportunity presented by nature each year, implement lawn care software from somewhere like FieldRoutes (https://www.fieldroutes.com/industries/lawn-care-software) to help streamline processes, and make a little money for the family.

Open a family owned Bed & Breakfast

People always need to sleep, too. If your family has a huge house, try filling the rooms with paying customers. Travelers love the small comforts offered by a Bed & Breakfast, and there’s typically no shortage of interest.

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