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Whether you’re all moving into a brand new house as a family, you’re welcoming a new addition or indeed if it’s time to redecorate the back of your child outgrowing their bedroom, there are so many moving parts that need to be brought together in order to do up kiddies’ bedrooms. You have to consider how their own individual taste could be projected onto their surroundings in addition to how that personal taste would fit in with the overall styling of the rest of the house. Read More here about how you could personalise your kid’s room with neon lights, for example. This would fit incredibly in a modern house!

It really doesn’t have to be the nightmare it’s often made out to be though. With the right approach, every new kiddies’ room project can be a joyful process, be it constructing a new space for them with the help of Garman Builders or renovating the existing one. Of course, external help can be beneficial in this case. Experts can guide you throughout the process and enable you to leave no room for mistakes.

But before enlisting the assistance of builders or renovators to make changes to your children’s bedroom, it’s advisable to consult your kids about their preferences for the revamped space. Investing in something they wouldn’t enjoy could prove to be a waste of your time, energy, and finances. However, by seeking their input, you may achieve more satisfying outcomes. For instance, if your children have a fondness for birds, they might desire a bedroom decor featuring many types of birds. Similarly, they might express a preference for bunk beds and warm yellow lighting. Once you gather this information, you can effectively communicate these desires to the builders and renovators, ensuring that the final result aligns with your kids’ wishes. As for more practical matters like storage, you can make those decisions independently.

Kids do indeed grow up very quickly and their storage needs in particular could come into focus as they accumulate what you might be surprised to find is more stuff than what you have in your own bedroom. From old toys and clothes which they aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to as yet, to all the new gizmos, clothes, gadgets, shoes, etc. they’ll naturally be collecting as they grow, one would naturally want to ensure there’s enough storage space from the get-go. This is when specialist help would come in handy. They would impart advice that can turn the existing room into something magical that can hold a universe as well. Here is what they would say about storage:

The best type of storage for kid’s rooms

Free-standing storage units can be very tempting as a solution for kid’s room storage, but not only is this perhaps the least effective use of any limited space available, but it’s also somewhat of a health and safety hazard. Bits of food, dead insects, and maybe even rodents or any other potential disease carriers could make their way deep into the dark corners which often results from the smallest of spaces left between removable storage units and walls, so it would perhaps be much better to go with a professional fitted bedroom storage solution.

These always make for much better use of the space available as they’re usually designed specifically for the room in which they’ll be fitted. For one it’s of great convenience to kids to be able to tidy up the room by simply throwing some of their stuff into a cabinet that is designed to house all sorts of items without too much hassle, in addition to a good portion of the storage space being allocated to the housing of some of their other stuff, like neatly-folded and ironed clothes, etc.

So although those furniture pieces and storage units expressly designed for kid’s rooms are done so with comfort, safety, and ease of use in mind, this doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish. They can in fact be as stylish as furniture and storage solutions come, adding value to your home should the time to sell ever come. The key is to go with some versatile styling, however — styling which can evolve with the times and remain relevant without any major structural changes required.

Much of this is taken care of by simply choosing the right basic colour schemes and going with more contemporary styling in the build profile of the pieces.

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