How To Kid Proof Your Furniture And Decor

Your children are your life and you love them to the moon and back, but they can be little hellions when it comes to your home. Depending on their ages they can cause all kinds of issues with your nicely decorated rooms. Of course, you’re always wishing they’d learn to keep the mess in their own areas.

So, you spend all this money on nice furniture and staged your home perfectly, it looks like the showroom from a fancy place selling furniture. Then your kids draw on the furniture, spill food on the carpet, track mud through the entire house and dent the tables. All’s not lost, here are some prevention and fixing tips to help you to kid proof your home.

Use Tablecloths

If you don’t want marks from kids pushing pens on paper too hard on your tables and you don’t want spills damaging wood, use tablecloths on every possible table in your home. You may also want to invest in some tabletop drafting boards or writing boards for your kids and teach them to use those when they want to draw or write at the table.

Try Furniture Covers

You can also cover your furniture. Buy or make furniture covers that will help protect your furniture from spills, pet hair, and more. You can get them in all sorts of colors and patterns, or make your own. Once the kids are all grown up and moved out you can pull them off and put them away until you start having grandchildren and will need them all over again.

Fix Nicks And Dents

You can fix the damage done to tables, even dents and nicks. You will need to find a stain to match the wood or the same color paint. Aside from that, you just do a little sanding and use a little spackle to even things back out. It’s a fairly easy and cheap project.

Protect Carpets

Stain guard your carpets and cleanups will be much easier. Whether the kids or dogs track mud through the house or you spill your wine (and blame the cat), you can easily clean it up with a little soapy water. Your local big box or home improvement store will carry the stuff you need, just ask for it. However, if the stains are too strong for DIY cleaning, then you may require professional assistance in some cases. Enlisting the help of carpet cleaning experts from the likes of this Canon City carpet cleaning company could be helpful in tackling this problem!

Remove Stains From Anything

If you have stains on your carpet prior to protecting it, or even on your furniture, have no fear. There are ways to remove stains of all kinds, and you might already have the stuff you need to do it in your cupboards. Toothbrushes, lemon juice, peroxide, salt, and natural oils are just a few of the things that you should have in your stain removing arsenal.

Obviously, you can’t get rid of your kids. That means you need to proof your home so it’s protected until they learn to better balance drinks and wipe their feet!

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