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Keeping the kids happy (and quiet) before the new term

As summer winds down and the school year approaches, your kids are likely bouncing off the walls waiting for a new term to begin.

Couple that energy with the fact that they are possibly a little anxious about the new school year, and you’ve got a recipe for chaos. However, you can find ways to bridge the gap between summer holiday and fall term by searching for ways to keep the kids busy and get prepared for school at the same time. Here’s how.


Create educational games. School can seem like a jarring change for kids, especially in comparison to the leisure of summer. To help ease them back into their thinking caps, search for toys and games for children online with an educational bent. This will help get their brains in gear for learning and make the transition to back into school days easier.

Do a “test run” of the upcoming sleep schedule. A large part of your kids’ success in the classroom will depend on basic factors, such as getting enough sleep and a nutritious breakfast. Preparing in advance by pushing up the bedtime during the last couple of weeks of summer holiday will help the little bodies adjust to waking up early. This in turn will give them more time to eat a well-rounded breakfast before they have to go to class.

Start making purchases in advance. Plan your school shopping well in advance so that you don’t feel hairied. Being able to make a list of the school supplies and clothing that your kids need gives you time to shop strategically, tackling the list one store at a time. And you’ll want to bring the kids along to get them excited about the upcoming school year; having a plan in this instance makes for a fun outing instead of a chaotic store run.

Get the classmates together before the big day. Are your little ones a bit anxious in anticipating the first day of class? This is normal, especially for younger children who will have to get accustomed to an entirely new schedule. Sometimes it helps to get them together with future classmates for an end-of-summer playdate. You can use some of the educational games that you’ve already found for your own kids, and add snacks for good measure. This is also an excellent way to keep antsy kids occupied during the waning days of summer.


Make a school visit. Lastly, it always pays to be ahead of the game. If you know when your children’s teachers will be setting up their classrooms and planning for the year, don’t hesitate to stop by so that they can meet each other have a little one-on-one interaction before a busy first day of school. This will be the ultimate step in keeping them happy and occupied at the end of summer holidays.

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