Keeping The Kids Busy This Summer


In just a few short weeks school will be out for summer, and they will relish their freedom. For many parents who work from home this is a wonderful time of year, being finally able to spend time with their little ones. For parents who work away from home and whose calendars are organised by the school routine, it can be difficult to find a sitter and organise safe activities. For all parents looking for summer activities for their kids, here’s some ideas.

Activity + Sports

Not only is keeping your children active necessary for their health but gives them hours of fun while ensuring they’re tired enough when bedtime strikes. If you played a sport well at school, teach them the rules and have family matches. Football, basketball, cricket, cycling, skateboarding, and roller skating are all great fun for youngsters who enjoy being active – be sure they have the correct helmets and safety pads, and of course, don’t let the littlest ones go out unsupervised.
Living in close proximity or at least within driving distance of a beach expands your options to include water sports for your kids. This could also be a great option to keep them active and away from boredom. You could consider activities like surfing, which can either be taught by you (if you’re confident enough about it), or by the pros at many schools (like this San Diego Surf Camp). Learning from experienced surfers could enable them to steer clear of risks and stay safe.


Let your child unleash their inner artist with some easy craft activities – depending on the age of the child and the equipment needed, they may need adult supervision, with the satisfaction that you’ve both made something cool together. An easy activity is pavement chalk in the driveway, or use some newspapers as a canvas in the garden for them to paint with non-toxic poster paint.


For a great chance to show your kids some gems and share some precious memories from your own childhood, go to the great outdoors. Take them to a park to look at the flowers, have a run around, and share a family picnic as a great bonding activity. The Woodland Trust are a great source of ideas for kids to get outside and learn about the world around them – all the equipment you need is a magnifying glass, notepad, and pencil, and they can go outside (even just as far as the end of the garden) and learn about types of plants, insects, and wildlife.


For bookworms and fact finders, all the spare time in the summer provides the perfect opportunity to visit museums and take advantage of the local library. Keep an eye out in the local paper and on social media for interesting museums – science and history always go down well. Many museums have free or reduced entry for children, and some may even have family oriented shows and activities on during the summer. If you are raising a modern day Matilda, encourage them to use the local library – reading together (no matter what age) can be a great bonding activity.


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