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Keeping Kids Happy In Spite of All Allergy Symptoms

The problem of the allergy becomes more and more commonplace over the world in people of all ages, but especially in children. Children should explore the outer world, but sometimes allergies may be really troublesome and kids can’t enjoy various activities. But, even if your child has either seasonal or permanent allergy, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy life to the fullest together.


Common Allergy Symptoms

It doesn’t matter what type of the allergy your kid is suffering from, there are unpleasant signs, which occur in nearly all allergies. They are:

  • Stuffy or a runny nose;
  • Hives and eczema;
  • Swelling of various body parts;
  • Sneezing;
  • Watery eyes;
  • Itching;
  • Nausea and vomiting.

Of course, it is a challenge to make a child feel comfortable if he or she experiences these problems, but still, it is possible!

How to Soothe Your Child’s Allergy Symptoms and Make Him Happy?

The only person on whom your kid can rely is you, so you should be responsible and do all your best to eliminate symptoms and to help your child feel free and comfortable.

There are two ways: the first one is to reduce symptoms and the alternative is to distract your child. So, follow simple tips how to cut down allergic signs:

  1. Avoid allergens

If the allergy is seasonal, keep your child indoors. But try to make this time thrilling. Play games, tell stories or read your child’s favorite fairy tales, watch cartoons, draw, collect puzzles or play bingo. Your leisure will help the child feel needed and at the same time, he will develop.

  1. Take care of a plugged-up nose with salt water

If your kid is afraid of this procedure, introduce this remedy through a game. For instance, compare him to his favorite cartoon hero and say that he should be as brave as his idol and to prove it, he should take medications.

  1. Make sure that your child is hydrated

Don’t overlook drinking water between your leisure activities.

  1. Bath procedures are important

A warm bath can relieve the symptoms, so your child will not only improve the health but also enjoy tub time.

  1. Don’t forget about humidification

The air humidifier helps children to breathe freely, but note that the humidity shouldn’t be over 40% as it may trigger dust mites and mold.

  1. Avoid itching

Don’t let your kid touch itchy areas, for this purpose, also try to play a game. Who doesn’t scratch the eyes and the skin, will receive a prize. On top of that, use warm compresses regularly to relieve the skin pain.

  1. Warm tea is needed

Make sure that the kid drinks warm tea. It is a great remedy for a tight throat.

  1. Manage food allergies

If the child is prone to a food allergy, then opt alternative foods, which will give necessary nutrients and vitamins. But don’t forget to pamper him with hypoallergenic sweets.

  1. Make an emergency plan

Your child should always know how an emergency treatment works. Small children can’t understand how serious allergic reactions may be, so insist on keeping an EpiPen (the injection of adrenaline) handy.

Entertaining activities

As for means, which will help the child to forget about the allergy, there are a lot of them, everything depends on your creativity, character, and interests. Here are some ideas, which will help you to entertain the kid.

  1. Find a pet

Even if furry friends aren’t allowed due to the allergy, still you may choose fish or birds. Interaction with pets is a profound stress reducer. Besides, it won’t be hard to take care of them.

  1. Be engaged in gardening

This activity will contribute to the development of responsibility, and it will bring much fun. It is very useful for children with food allergies, as they may cultivate only safe fruit and vegetables and eat 99% of what will be grown.

  1. Keep the kid social

Don’t let him feel overwhelmed, the allergy doesn’t mean that he can’t play and communicate with peers.

Thus, always have a positive outlook on life and try to make your child as happy as possible even if he suffers from allergy symptoms. It is your direct duty as a parent to be protective and do your best so that your kid will feel well and develop harmoniously.

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