How to Keep Your Children Entertained on a Long Car Trip

Long car trips can be difficult for small children to manage. They can be tiring and depending on the length of the trip, longer than most children would like. Hearing the words “Are we there yet?” is not uncommon when traveling long distances. Thankfully, there are ways to keep your child entertained, without them becoming bored or tired easily, and they don’t have to involve stopping. Of course, it is a good idea to have a rest break every few hours, and allow your children the chance to run, go to the bathroom, and grab something to eat. Here are three things they can do to stay entertained in the car.

Have Activity and Coloring Books

Activity and coloring books can keep small children occupied for long periods of time. With fun that ranges from coloring pictures in, connecting dots, to finding hidden objects, kids can be entertained for hours on end. Just make sure your child has variety, so they are not easily bored and can switch back and forth as needed in order to keep themselves entertained. Also make sure they have crayons or pencils, since they do not stain the way markers do.

Give Them Something To Watch or Read

Before embarking on the trip, consider downloading episodes of your child’s favorite cartoons or TV shows that they can watch during the long journey. Make sure you download a variety of content to keep them from getting bored or restless. Similarly, if your child enjoys reading, let them bring their favorite books. Alternatively, if your child loves animal related content, subscribing to a cat newsletter available on websites like or having a collection of animal-related memes and videos might also help in keeping them entertained.

Take the Scenic Route

If you can, drive along a route that is scenic, and has a lot for your children to enjoy. From looking at changing landscapes, to attractions that are along the way, your children can be entertained just by looking out the window. Looking out the window can give them the chance to learn more about where they are traveling to, and even take in nature, if you are going along a route that has a lot of undeveloped areas. For those traveling to different areas, this can even be educational as they watch the terrain change.

Play The License Plate Game

This one is best suited for older children, but it can be a fun experience. Either find a book that has all the different car plates for your country, or make a list of various license plates they see from different regions. This can be a fun experience, and it can even become a challenge for the whole family, so that everyone tries to find a plate in order to complete the list.

No matter where you and your family are going to, it pays to think about where you will be traveling, and how often you will be on the go, when you shop for a car online. Consider various alternative for your children, so that they can stay entertained and busy when you are trying to go from one destination to another. No matter if you are traveling to see family, or on your way to a vacation, children get bored, and keeping them busy can be challenging. Don’t forget to ensure that they have time to be out of the car, so they can exercise their legs and have a much-needed break from the car.

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