Interior Design Tips For Style-Challenged Homeowners

You know when you don’t really have a knack for decorating, and you know when you may need a little more insight.  If you own your own home and have no idea how to make it really feel like the home you have in your mind, then you should spend some time finding help.  

Luckily, the internet is a wealth of information, and you’re already on track to learn.  Take a moment to read through this brief look at some interior design tips for style-challenged homeowners, and start the transformation of your home today.  

Adding a coat of paint always helps

The colors you choose for the inside of your home have a huge impact on the feeling of the space.  Colors can make a room feel crowded, or colors can make a space feel more open and light.  

Learning the impact of various colors will help you make better choices when it’s time to go shopping for paint.  Painting is also something you can do to improve your home all on your own.  

Consider the delicate touch of crown molding

You could add a delicate touch of style to your home’s interior with the addition of crown molding.  You could hire an interior design specialist to renovate and take on all the various upgrades your home may need to start looking and feeling fabulous.  

You can more easily couple the interior design jobs you need done by hiring professionals to handle the hard work.  However, it would be good for future reference to take an active part in your home’s facelift.  

Adding throw pillows and blankets

You can easily make a room look and feel a bit warmer by adding stylish throw pillows to your couches and lounge chairs.   If you’re in the mood for some DIY, you can sew your own throw pillows or blankets using some traditional quilt patterns. It might take some time to learn and put together, but it can also be a very comforting endeavor. A throw pillow can add a cheerful touch to the living room design. People enjoy the comfort of a pillow they can hug or the extra back support. 

Strategic placement of a few stylish throw blankets is also helpful to design.  Some throw blankets aren’t meant for much more than to add to the aesthetic of a room, but you can try adding one of each for functionality.  

Window treatments make a difference

How you choose to manage the windows in your home makes a significant impact on the overall vibe.  Adding plain, white, plastic blinds leaves a room feeling cold and a bit institutional.  

Instead, consider adding blinds that are made from bamboo planks or some other sultry type of wood.  Add sheer curtains as another layer to your design to provide lighting options and extra functionality.  

Make wise lighting decisions in your home

The way you use the lighting in your home also has a strong effect on the vibe.  Sunshine is a human necessity for happiness and contentment, so you don’t want to black out every room in the house.  

Let the natural light inside your home during the day, and choose natural bulbs for lighting inside of your home after dark. 

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