Interesting stationary types for kids

Buying stationary for your kids can sometimes be a chore. What should be a relatively easy process usually turns into a screaming match on both sides. Buying stationary for children is difficult because it’s important for them to appear cool at school. Having awesome stationary is important to your child’s social life at school, if your kid has the most unique pencil case it might make their school year go a bit smoother. Whereas parents just want some stationary that is fairly cheap and will last all year round without breaking. Here is a list of the most interesting and more importantly durable stationary, so your child can start the year off well.


  1.  Faber-Castell Pear Wood

The fountain pen is part of the ambition range by Faber Castell, an elegant fountain pen that will last your child (hopefully) for a couple of years. Whilst this fountain pen is in the higher price range it’s been made so even small nimble hands can use it easily. Also because of its stainless steel nib and chrome plated metal trims it writes incredibly smoothly so there is no worry of your child coming home covered in ink. The exterior of pen is made of pear wood meaning that it looks gorgeous and that the natural variations in the grain make every pen unique, talk to your child about how special it is and watch their eyes light up like its Christmas.

2.       Memo Etc. Remarkable Range

The remarkable range at Memo Etc… looks incredibly cool but the great thing about this stationary range is that it’s all recycled. Recyclable stationary is a great way of getting your kids into sustainability and the environment without boring them.  These notebooks and pens have been made out of amazing objects like car tyres, corn and cd cases. The stationary itself is very durable and can come in a bundle or separately and doesn’t cost a lot for the objects you’re getting. The remarkable range stands out from the crowd, it’s good quality and it won’t cost you the earth.

3.       Design Your Own Pencil Case Seedling

The concept of design your own pencil case is that you get all the tools to create a lively pencil case and then you put the tools you used to design it, in your pencil case! If your child is creative or can’t find a pencil case that they like, Seedling’s pencil case is great option, the set includes a canvas pencil case, fabric paint and coloured pencils. Buy two and you can have a fun activity with your child, just make sure they don’t get carried away and run amok in the house with fabric paint

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