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Improving Family Life Through Home Design

There are a myriad of factors that go into the concept of having a happy home life. There are basic demographics, ages of people living in a place, personalities, time schedules, and a ton of other factors that you don’t really have a whole lot of control over. But, there are ways of improving the chances that it will be a happy place.


And one specific way to do this is to take control over some of the home design and decoration concepts throughout your house. Consider things like a central fireplace, kitchen themes, DIY bedroom projects, electronics-free zones, and the idea that decisions should be made as a group. There are online resources that can be used, for example, blogs such as have interior design posts that can help families that are in two minds, as well as other ways in making your home a happy one.

The Fireplace at the Center

In days past, the family would often gather around the fireplace to share in the serenity of the heat and the warmth of pleasant conversation. In modern days, the television has often taken over that central roll, and conversations have taken a turn for the dull. So why not bring the fireplace back into the home design equation, but with a modern twist? New electric fireplaces are efficient, aesthetic, non-permanent ways to get back to that old style of content-family meeting areas.

Kitchen Decoration

A good percentage of times spent with the family is going to end up being in the kitchen. And you’ll hear about them, if you haven’t experienced them yourselves – horror stories of cluttered, dirty kitchens with mismatched decorations and too much clutter to find anything in. So, to improve that aspect of your family life, find peaceful kitchen designs and slowly but surely move in that direction. It might take a few cans of paint and a a bit of cabinet handiwork, but the results can be very appealing.

DIY Bedroom Projects

And for families with younger children, why not make bedrooms both peaceful and creative by looking into DIY bedroom projects? These can either be projects that you do with your kids, or they can even be something like a present for them, for a coming of age birthday or some event like that.

Electronics-free Zones

One condition of the modern family that gets a lot of press as being a bad thing for home life is that people are engaged more with their electronics than they are with the people who actually live in the house. To combat this, consider designing an ‘electronics-free zone’ or time frame during the day where parents and children can look up at each other.

Making Decisions as a Group

Finally, when it comes to making decisions that will effect a home via design, make sure it’s a group decision. Let everyone have a say, so that ultimately, the design is something that every can get behind and also feel like they were a constructive part of.

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