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Why It’s Important To Care Of Yourself As a Parent

As a parent, it can be exhausting running around in circles all day.  Whether it be cooking, cleaning, wiping a butt, or preventing a stain on the carpet.  If parents allow themselves to get worn too thin they run the risk of either totally losing their sanity or getting ill.


Allowing yourself breaks and asking for help so that you can have free time from your kids is not only recommended to be a better parent, it’s pretty much necessary.  Here are some of the reasons you should take care of yourself in between taking care of your kids.

You Feel More Confident

Being a parent, especially a parent of younger children usually means that you’re running around quite a bit with very little time for primping, doing your makeup, or some days even being able to get dressed.

When you take the time to do something special for yourself whether it being taking care of your skin, getting in a workout, or simply going to the movies to relax, you are restoring your self-worth and confidence.  The more we give all of ourselves to our kids the less we have to give to our self.   Feeling more confident will help you in every area of your life not just with parenting.

You Recharge Your Energy

You wouldn’t dream of staying at work for 100 hours straight.  Everyone knows that you would burn out and possibly go crazy or faint from exhaustion.  Why should parenthood be any different?  Every parent deserves and has to take a break after a while otherwise they will burn out and possibly put themselves or their kids in danger.

A parent of a newborn, for example, has to have someone to help them in shifts so that they can sleep.  You’re much more use to an infant well rested and alert than delirious and sluggish.  Exhaustion is when accidents start happening and things don’t get done.  Recharging your energy is essential to giving your best as a parent.  It should never be something to feel guilty about.

You Are More Patient With Your Children

The more time you spend with your children and away from adult conversation and things that you enjoy in your leisure time, the more frustrated you can start to become.  This doesn’t mean you don’t love and appreciate your children.  It simply means that you are not solely a parent.  You are also a friend. Brother. Sister. Employee. Yogi. Whatever it is, you are not just a parent in this existence and you should be able to maintain all facets of your personality in order to remain balanced.

By being able to take breaks and do the things you love and are committed to outside of being a parent, you will be more patient and appreciative of your children.

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