How to Tell if It’s Time to Upgrade Your Mattress

If you’re finding it harder and harder to fall asleep and/or sleep well throughout the night, your mattress could very well be the culprit. It’s easy to be in denial when it comes to buying a mattress as we assume they are quite expensive. However, by looking for coupons and voucher codes, such as a Saatva coupon, you can save money on a new mattress! Here are some tell-tale signs that your mattress is due for an upgrade. If this information provides you with a wakeup call that you need a new mattress, start getting some ideas by browsing mattress retailers like Sleepy’s.

Sleep Problems

Difficulty Falling Asleep

Despite being super tired when you go to bed, are you finding yourself tossing and turning and unable to find a truly comfortable sleeping position? While things like stress, too much screen time before bed, or serious issues like a sleep disorder (that may require medical attention from professionals at Gwinnett Sleep) tend to be the classic causes of restlessness, a mattress that’s passed its prime can also create these sleep problems. If your mattress isn’t providing the same level of support and comfort that it used to, it’s time for an upgrade.

Restless Sleep

Are you also experiencing restless sleep throughout the night? Do you find yourself moving around a lot during the night and/or waking for no obvious reason? If so, there’s a fair chance your mattress is to blame.

Waking up Sore

Are you waking up in the mornings feeling sore all over? Perhaps you’ve noticed your back and neck are stiff or old injuries are flaring up? If so, it’s likely your mattress has lost its buoyancy, which directly affects comfort and support.

Mattress Age and Damage

Mattress Age

Like all products, mattresses have a lifespan. While this varies greatly from mattress to mattress, the typical mattress’s lifespan is around 7-10 years. If your mattress falls within this timeframe, it’s most likely reached the end of its productive life and needs to be replaced. A complete guide about luxury mattresses can be worth reading if you are considering the latter option and if you think you can afford a new luxury mattress.


While kids love nothing more to jump on a mattress, this can significantly damage its internal structure and stability. In turn, this can substantially reduce the life of the mattress. So if your mattress has been used repeatedly as a trampoline by your children, chances are it’s not performing as it should.

Water Damage

Another major issue for mattress longevity and performance is whether it’s sustained any type of water or fluid damage. Similar to the effects of jumping, water damage affects the integrity of internal materials and also attracts mould and fungal spores.

Cleaning Products

Many of the modern materials used by mattress manufacturers are highly sensitive to household cleaning products. Avoid any type of chemical product when you want to clean your mattress. Instead, turn to your vacuum cleaner. This will also do a much better job of removing dirt, skin cells, hair and dust-mites.

Increase in Allergies

Are you noticing that you’re sneezing when you go to bed at night or in the mornings when you wake up? Perhaps your eyes are watery or you have an annoying tickle in your throat? It could very well be that your mattress has become a haven for a range of allergens such as dust mites and mould. The allergy load of a mattress is also closely linked to its age.

A good mattress is one of the key factors in getting a good night’s sleep. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your mattress is still providing you with the right comfort and support. If you’re experiencing sleep problems or your mattress is old and/or damaged, it sounds like it’s time for an upgrade.

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