How to socialise for free

When you’re a busy mum with young kids, it often ends up that your social life gets put on hold. This is a natural development, of course, as your priorities change the minute that the first little bundle of joy arrives!

Where life used to revolve around you and what you wanted, now it’s all about making sure you can give your children the best start in life and the happiest home life.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all your own interests and cut yourself off from the world. In fact, it’s healthier to make sure you have a bit of time for yourself and to socialise with others away from the family unit every now and then. Otherwise you might begin to resent your family. A break from being mum every now and then allows you to return to time with the family full of enthusiasm and energy.

One thing that puts young mums off taking care of their own social lives is the money they need to spend to do so. But there are lots of ways you can socialise for free, or almost for free, if you think about it.

Get online. Of course, the internet has opened up a world of possibilities for socialising without leaving your sofa. You can always find something to do online that involves meeting other people. Social network sites like Facebook are great for catching up with old friends and people you may have lost touch with over the years. Friendships can be rekindled through sites like these.  Online bingo is another great social tool. Many of the players go onto the sites to catch up with fellow bingo chat room members than to actually play the game of bingo. And now that many of the main bingo sites like offer a choice of free bingo games, you don’t necessarily have to spend any real money to play. Just take a look at the different sites like bgo and Costa Bingo, and you’ll see that you can play all kinds of free bingo these days, simply by registering on a site as a member. You don’t even need to put down a cash deposit to start playing and start widening your social circle!

Get involved at your kids’ schools. At every local primary and secondary school, you’ll find a Friends’ association of parents, a team of people who organise a few events a year to raise funds for the school, so that children can do those fun extras like go on school trips. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time – there are usually a couple of meetings a term to decide what’s next, and the fundraising events are often quite good fun too – quiz nights, beetle drives and school discos. You’re likely to run into like-minded people while you’re there, and again, it’s a way of increasing your social life without spending too much to do so.

Get a walking group together. People often make big plans to do a gym class or go bike riding with a group of friends. But often, the initial enthusiasm wears off and not everyone turns up each time and pretty soon, you’re hassling people to take part! Organising a group for an evening or early morning stroll once a week is a lot more realistic. It’s not onerous – it’s just a way of getting together and having fun and getting a little exercise thrown into the bargain.

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