How to sleep comfortably while pregnant

While it is exciting and enthralling to have another (little) human enter our lives, it is equally taxing. Being a new parent comes with a price & that starts with sleep deprivation. By now, you must have tossed and turned a million times and yet couldn’t have the luxury of continuous sleep.

An adequate amount of sleep is crucial for the mother and the baby. It allows the baby to grow and the mother to repair and rejuvenate. Lack of sleep doesn’t only affect your body, but becomes a concerning cause during childbirth.

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Here are some tips to help you sleep easily,

The sleeping positions

Each trimester has different sleeping positions that you need to consciously choose for yourself and the growing fetus.

First trimester: Women are often instructed to not sleep on the stomach from the minute they’re confirmed to be pregnant. Disregard this misconception and sleep in the position you are comfortable in. The uterus protects the fetus well. So, unless your doctor advises you, there is no reason not to sleep on your stomach.

Second trimester: Your baby is rapidly growing at this stage and is busy making space for itself in the womb. You might not find it comfortable to sleep on your stomach anymore. And, ideally speaking, this position will cause inconvenience to the fetus and you. Sleep on your sides and on your back.

Third trimester: It is a strict no-no to sleep on your back. Although you get tired out of sleeping on the sides, lay on your back for a couple of minutes to rest your body. Any longer will pressure your blood vessels to the uterus. Thus, puts you and the baby in danger. Lying on the left is the most ideal position for both! Switch when needed.

Tricks that will ease your body while sleeping

Pregnancy pillow: It is a boon to all pregnant women. This supports women wherever they need it. Especially when sleeping on the sides can be exhausting. A pregnancy pillow supports your belly enough to take some pressure off of you. And, place a pillow between your knees to give your legs quality rest.

Sleep Music: Gentle and soothing melodies can create a calming ambiance in your sleep environment, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety often associated with pregnancy. Whether it’s classical tunes, nature sounds, or specially curated playlists, opting for sounds that put you to sleep instantly can make a notable difference.

Eat light: With cravings kicking in, it’s hard not to eat full. However, eating in small portions eases digestion. Consume protein-rich foods like fish, nuts, and peanut butter to satisfy your cravings. Try scheduling your dinner early so you can snack on healthy foods before sleeping.

Prep early: Read a book while in bed. Avoid using phones because they don’t help you get to sleep. 30 minutes is the ideal time it takes to fall asleep, and if you aren’t then try out some non-stimulating activity. Avoid using any kind of sleep supplement.

Final thoughts

These are some simple steps to follow to get quality sleep. If you have concerns that don’t cover here, it is advised to visit your doctor for help. And finally, not everyone sleeps in the same position. If you find yourself sleeping in a position that you’re not supposed to, then don’t worry! Correct yourself to the right one.

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