How to Quit Smoking: The Benefits of using Electronic Cigarettes

In more recent times, smoking has become a lot less popular as the health risks associated with it have become more commonly known. As a result, many alternatives that can help people to quit smoking have replaced smoking. Things like snus (check out the SISU white dry portions as an example) and nicotine patches are used as a great way to get rid of habitual smoking, but there is one alternative that is really taking the world by storm: electronic cigarettes.

Among the most commonly known advantages associated with the switch to electronic cigarettes from regular cigarettes are those relating to health and cost-efficiency. Not only will you benefit by ensuring that your health is maintained by eliminating the inhalation of the various harmful chemicals and toxins found in regular cigarettes, but you can also save up for family vacations as e-cigarettes tend to last longer whilst costing less.

The Benefits offered by Electronic Cigarettes

At first, electronic cigarettes simply replace ones nicotine addiction from regular cigarettes with purer versions of nicotine contained in e- cigarettes. Once one has effectively done so, the goal should be to slowly wean themselves from the addiction to nicotine itself, in order to end up quitting the smoking habit altogether. By itself, the greatest advantage one can obtain from using electronic cigarettes to quit smoking is that one does not give up the habit cold turkey. This ensures that the common nicotine cravings are kept at bay because the e-cigarette nicotine quenches the nicotine thirst.

Furthermore, although you may go through the usual ‘real’ cigarette nicotine withdrawal symptoms such as irritability and binge eating, these symptoms tend to be less prominent when quitting by means of electronic cigarettes. It is speculated that because regular smokers are accustomed to always having their hands and mouths busy (holding a cigarette while smoking), when they start the process of quitting they feel that they need to do something. In order to fill this void, the inadvertent habit of binge eating emerges. However, both symptoms are well taken care of as both your hand and mouth are kept busy, whilst the nicotine curbs irritability.

Steps towards Breaking the Habit

Step 1- Make the Decision and Purchase an Electronic Cigarette

Admittedly, there is no decision tougher than that of quitting the smoking habit. Nonetheless, once you have made up your mind, it is vital that you stick to your decision and purchase an electronic cigarette, like these elf bar wholesale vapes. You have to remember that once you open the packaging, you should make sure that all alternatives (regular cigarettes) are discarded. This is due to the fact that regular cigarettes tend to deliver higher amounts of nicotine to quench an addicts craving. When used alongside the electronic cigarette, the comparisons made only make it harder to completely quit the habit. It is worth noting that in order to keep cravings at bay, one should choose e-cigarette cartridges according to their strength. Heavy smokers should opt for cartridges with higher strength e-liquids while social smokers and light smokers should use those with lesser strength. Click here to find out more about e liquid and electronic cigarettes.

Step 2- Opt for Lower Strength Cartridges

Once you have completely made the switch to electronic cigarettes and have maintained your nicotine cartridge strength for a period between 6-8 weeks, it is imperative that you lower your nicotine intake. Now here is where the hard work begins. Again, after 6-8 weeks, the strength should be lowered once more whilst taking every measure to reduce the number of times you use the e-cigarette. Over time, you will start to rely less on it.

Step 3- Drop your Nicotine Intake even Lower

This is the scariest part of the quitting process. At this stage, you are required to rely even less on the e-cigarette and further lower the cartridge strength. Avoid having your electronic cigarette on your person as you go about your activities. This is where you begin to truly wean yourself from the little nicotine you inhale.

Step 4- Just Stop!

At this point, you will stop buying refill cartridges, and start functioning on empty cartridges. Expect to feel somewhat irritable during this phase as your body will now begin to function without nicotine. Keep your electronic cigarette away from your sight to avoid temptation. Before you know it, you have actually quit the smoking habit. It is vital that you do not get rid of the e-cigarette even when you have noticed that you do not use it. This is because should you crave a smoke when you have already discarded the e-cigarette, you may be tempted to buy a regular one which only dismisses all the progress you have made.

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