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How To Plan A Holiday That Is Calming & Cleansing for Every Member of the Family

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Sometimes a family holiday can be more stressful than relaxing. How often do we hear tired parents exclaiming they need a holiday after a family break? It can be hard to plan a holiday that is calming  and stress free for everyone, but it can be done. There are holidays you can take that will leave every family member feeling relaxed and refreshed. Experts such as Health and fitness travel offer tailor made or package holidays that are not only perfect for couples and individuals but for families too.

Where do you begin?

To start the planning process, you need to think about what you and your family want to get out of the holiday. Do you all want the same thing or are there different ideas of the ideal break? Many families concentrate on the younger members and forget about the parents needs. First of all, you should browse the different holiday types before you make your decision.

The ages of those in your family are of course one of the biggest factors to consider. Very young children have different needs when compared to teenagers and there are different interests too.

You need to remember that you can be calmed and cleansed by being active, exploring and engaging as well as rest and recuperation. So, keep that in mind when planning which type of holiday is best for you.

Family spa breaks

If you really want to spoil yourself and feel the benefit of a truly relaxing holiday a family spa breaks may be just what you need. There are spas that specialise in family breaks, so everyone will be catered for. Adults and older children can take advantage of treatments the resort has on offer and younger kids can even try mini pamper sessions such as chocolate face masks and mini manicure’s and pedicures.

But to cure the boredom when the adults are relaxing there are often kids’ clubs to keep the young ones entertained. This way you can also enjoy the quality time you do spend together. So, you can be suitably relaxed, and they are tired out. A great combination for a calming family holiday.

Family activity holidays

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Calming doesn’t have to mean a spa break. Many families feel refreshed and de stressed after a fun filled activity holiday where everyone gets involved. This could be a ski holiday, getting out on the slopes and enjoying the fresh alpine air. Or it could be an organised activity holiday which includes adventures such as biking, kayaking, climbing and many other outdoor things to do.

This kind of holiday is easy to plan. You can book with a tour operator and let them do everything for you, or if you prefer, make your own itinerary. It is up to you. It can also be a cheap local holiday if you want to pack your own bikes in the car and drive to your destination. Being outdoors and enjoying quality time together can leave you relaxed and invigorated when you return.

Family Cultural Adventure

If you love exploring but it is too much to organise on your own with young children in tow, an organised cultural tour may be what you need. This way you can enjoy a fully organised family break, with other like-minded families. The kids will make friends and give the adults a break too.

Explore different cultures engaging with local people and trying new activities and foods. Everything will be organised for you including transport and accommodation, so you don’t have to worry about planning. Booking with an expert in this type of family holiday will mean they have done the research, so you don’t have too. Enjoy exploring new and exotic places together in a stress-free family environment.

Family fitness holidays

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You can combine your holiday with getting fit or keeping up your fitness levels whilst away. Dedicated fitness holidays might not seem possible with the whole family in tow but there are resorts and hotels that offer a fitness break for the whole family.

Work out together by taking part in sports and activities, such as beach volleyball, tennis, football or even water sports. You may want to take time out as adults in a fitness class, relaxing yoga or perhaps just swimming. Meanwhile the kids are entertained at the activities club, playing sports and having fun with other children their age. Fitness holidays will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face the world on your return and the kids will love it too.

Family beach breaks

The most common holiday that springs to mind when thinking of a relaxing family holiday is a beach break. And for the most part, relaxing on the beach is a great way to de-stress and unwind. However, with young children this can often be difficult. Choosing the right resort with family friendly options is essential. Be that a playground or a kid’s club to keep them entertained, researching family orientated resorts is a must.

A top tip though is to avoid large, crowded and boisterous hotels and resorts if you are planning a calming break. Being surrounded by other people’s noisy children is not exactly cleansing and calming. Instead opt for small and friendly knowing you will get peace and quiet when you need it the most.

Family cruises

A great choice when you want to enjoy exploring different places but the peace of mind of staying in the same accommodation. Travel in style and comfort whilst stopping at ports to explore or relax depending on what cruise destination you choose. Planning this type of holiday is easy as you only have to book the cruise package and everything else is done for you.

You will often have kids and adult entertainment included, swimming pools, fitness and spa facilities too. Having all these facilities in one place as well as visiting different destinations is an excellent way to relax and enjoy a calming family holiday.

Family Retreats

Meditation, yoga and healthy diets are all things you can expect on a family retreat holiday. This kind of break is for those families who really want a break from it all in a truly cleansing and calming environment. There are family dedicated options which offer everything the whole family can relate to, so you can be sure everyone is catered for.

Get away from those screens and reconnect with nature and with each other. This is a break that will reset your mind and strengthen the bond between family members. Of course, this type of break is best with older children who can understand the process and make the most of the peace.

Which type of cleansing and calming family holiday is for you?

As you can see there are plenty of choices when it comes to planning a family holiday. Whether you want to relax on a beach or try some new activities or a combination holiday that suits everyone’s needs. There are options that require little planning that will leave you feeling calm and relaxed whilst you are away and when you return home too. Which type of holiday will you choose?

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