How to Make Your Bathroom Warmer (Without Heating Accessories)

Perhaps your bathroom is feeling a little too chilly, but you can’t afford an option like underfloor heating and don’t have the space for a heated towel rail. You’re in luck, there are several options available to make your bathroom warmer without using either solution.


Choose the Right Bath Mat

Take a long, hard look at your bath mat. Is it really suited to the job of keeping your bathroom toasty? If you think it might be lacking, pick up a new one. Don’t go for something thin and insubstantial – look for a thick, dense rug which will always keep your feet from getting chilly after you step out of the shower or bath. Just remember to add tape to the bottom of the rug – you don’t want it to slip out from underneath you.

Add Lighting

Sometimes making your bathroom feel warmer just means changing the lighting arrangements. The fixtures and bulbs which are typically chosen for bathrooms are selected for their ability to provide a strong, white light. This is perfect for improving visibility while you preen yourself, but it can make the room seem slightly cold – in every sense of the word. So, it is advised to look for LED bulbs that mimic traditional incandescent ones and use sconces or even chandeliers to hold them. For the installation and maintenance of these lights, you can call an electrician that provides lighting repair and installation services near your home.

Use Materials Which Retain Heat

If you’re actually in the process of remodelling, take the material of which your new tub is made into account. Some will retain heat more effectively than others – typically those which are more traditional. Baths made of copper or brass usually stay hotter for longer than those constructed of more modern alternatives. Also, after comparing brushed brass vs polished brass, you could decide on bathroom fixtures made of the material. These would generally retain heat and make for a warm touch in an otherwise cold room.

Using Darker Colours

Dark, rich colours retain heat more readily than lighter ones. A white bathroom might look nice, but it probably won’t feel too warm. Add a splash of colour to make your bathroom feel warmer and more inviting – think earthy or tanned shades. If you don’t want to commit to anything long-term, try just making one feature wall by using a single dramatic colour.

If your bathroom feels like it could be a little warmer, just try out some of these tips.

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