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How to Make Sure You Keep On Top Of Your Family Finances and Put Food on the Table

We are all feeling the pinch these days. They keep telling us the economy is on the rise, but most of us are yet to feel any difference at all. Employment is higher than it has been for years, but many of the jobs created are poor quality and low paid. Keeping our heads above water is a daily struggle while we strive to keep warm, eat, and bear the disproportionate weight of clearing the nation’s deficit.


It is a parent’s sole purpose in life, to provide for their children the best they can. Let’s explore a few ways we can try to save money and give our children the quality of life they deserve. Even under the crushing of the current financial climate.


Prices are going through the roof. Big savings can be made by sealing those draughts. Look for grants from your energy suppliers for loft, or other forms of insulation. Get thick curtains up at doors and windows. Switch energy suppliers if you can find a better deal, you do not owe them your loyalty.


If you are lucky enough to have any savings, are they working their best for you? Maybe they would be better served by consulting a financial adviser or accountant. Make sure they are members of the appropriate professional organisations before getting involved with any financial transactions. If the worst happened and you lost out through their incompetence, you would be able to consult professional negligence solicitors. However, prevention is better than cure, so do your homework.

Find Extra Work

A part time job working from home can bring in a few extra pounds when you need it. You may be able to become an agent for a well known cosmetics company, and take orders from people in your street. Alternatively, is your local supermarket looking for extra staff for shelf stacking? Some supermarkets are now open twenty four hours a day and so may be seeking staff for unsociable hours.


Maybe it is now time to change your shopping habits. A lot can be saved by using the budget supermarkets that are now becoming more prevalent in our towns. The quality of food there is often on par with supermarkets selling the more expensive brands.

The high streets, of any town outside London, seem to be being taken over by charity shops. Maybe it is a sign of the times but you can take advantage. Clothing yourself and your children can be achieved for half the cost of new gear. The charity shops are stocking hardly-worn clothes that can easily pass as new. There is no shame in shopping there.


A firm command of your budget is possibly the most effective way of protecting your finances. There are many budget planners out there but they are only as good as the information you put in them. If you can use spreadsheets, there are some free programs on the internet for you to use. It is straightforward to create a spreadsheet that runs in parallel to your bank account If you can create one, put all of your regular outgoings and regular income into it. Great for managing your cashflow.

So the best we can all do is to save where we can and bring a little extra money in if possible. If the economy does continue to improve, we may find the weight lifting off our shoulders. Until that time comes, and it will, keep trying your best and vote wisely. I wish you well.

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